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On MSNBC’s “Hugh Hewitt” last Saturday, well-known Harvard professor Steven Pinker asked where was God during the massacre that left 17 dead at Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School in Parkland, Florida. Pinker was on the show to discuss his new […]

A Los Angeles-area retirement center was briefly the center of the annual war against Christmas when employees tossed out a Christmas tree, menorahs and anything else festive, declaring them to be prohibited religious symbols. Meanwhile an elementary school banned children from the audience of its Christmas show — […]

Religion News Service (RNS), a prominent non-profit news organization focused on faith, is facing some of the same financial constraints that have led to the demise of numerous traditional media outlets. As time goes on and revenue becomes tougher to […]

Bring guns to church? Pastor Ken Pagano provoked a firestorm when he invited members of Louisville, Kentucky’s New Bethel Church to celebrate the 4th of July and their 2nd Amendment rights by bringing their firearms to church. The national news media […]

Faith and family are so tightly linked in American society that “even some of society’s least religious people find religion to be important in their private lives,” says researcher Elaine Howard Ecklund from Rice University. Despite their personal non-belief, reports […]

A federal judge in Phoenix, Arizona, has told a group of Wisconsin atheists that they need to go home and quit fussing about other people’s business, writes Mary Kochan for Catholic Lane. In an opinion column titled “You Whiny, Sniveling […]

An atheist group is gloating on its website over the revenge it has taken on Christ Cathedral in Columbus, Ohio. The church, which owns a billboard leased to Clear Channel Outdoor advertising, discovered that an atheist advertisement had been placed on […]

“Fanatical atheism is no worse and no better than fanatical religion, though it may be more bitterly ironic,” writes Brad Hirschfield in the Washington Post. “There is something pretty odd, dare I say hypocritical, about a bunch of people who […]

Caution: Shaking your fist at the sky while proclaiming that God doesn’t exist and mocking the faith of His flock can be harmful to your health. “This isn’t about what happens to you in the hereafter,” writes Patrick Chisholm for […]

An atheist group says it will tear pages out of a Bible on southern California’s Huntington Pier. A Christian preacher who often preaches on the beach noted that they chose not to desecrate a Koran — since Christians forgive those […]