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While campuses across the US struggle with protests and calls for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war, Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA organized a campus-wide prayer vigil for its students. Hundreds of students filled the Academic Lawn outside the Montview Student Union to pray and read their Bibles. The university often holds 24/7 prayer events throughout the year, but this one was extra special amidst the images of chaos on college campuses that have plagued the news. Chancellor Jonathan Falwell praised the scene, saying, “How amazing it is that Liberty students come to our lawn, and what we do rather than attacking one another is lift up the name of the only One who is worthy of our praise, and that is Jesus Christ, King of kings, and Lord of lords.” Speaking to Fox News, Falwell contrasted Liberty to other universities making the news. “While so many campuses are erupting in anger, hatred and violence; it is refreshing to see the students at Liberty University reflecting the love of Christ as we are commanded to do by Scripture. Jesus clearly tells us to love, and it is so telling that in higher education today, it seems as if some of the only places where love is being displayed are from the campuses of Christian universities like Liberty University.”

A spokesman for the University agreed, saying “There is no greater joy than seeing God’s people delight in His truth. While we are all tragically witnessing the state of college campuses erupting in protest across the country, speaking with the language of hatred and promoting a wicked ideology that favors the annihilation of an entire race of people, by contrast, thousands of Liberty students gathered last night on our academic lawn for the worship of the Lord Jesus Christ, Scripture reading, preaching, and prayer. Liberty students are actively seeking the presence of God.” Virginia governor, Glenn Youngkin, praised the University as well, writing on X, “Inspired by @LibertyU for showing the nation that hate and antisemitism have no place in Virginia.”

The scenes of students raising their hands in worship and praying are a stark contrast to the images of arrests and vandalism that continue on college campuses. The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill has been in the news as members of a fraternity protected the American flag from protesters. The University of Southern California has canceled its main commencement event due to safety concerns. Classes have been disrupted and cancelled nationwide, while school administrators struggle to maintain peace. Protesters have been arrested and some students have even been suspended or expelled.

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