Shane Lloyd, 50, and Jakob Lloyd, 19, were on their way to the University of Central Florida to attend freshman orientation when they were tragically killed by a drunken driver. The father and son were hit by 40-year-old Leslie Gehret who allegedly ran a red light  and collided with their vehicle. The collision sent Lloyd’s car rolling down the road where bystanders were quick to jump into action. “It rolled about three-and-a-half times. It ended up on the roof of the car,” Chase Woodburn, a witness to the accident. “I immediately put the car in park and ran there, and my fiancée called 911.”

Gehret has a history of DUI’s and was said to be in “complete shock” after the accident. “She was in complete shock,” Woodburn said. “She was sitting in the car with her hands on the wheel just kind of looking side to side.” Prosecutors say that Gehret is now facing her third DUI charge along with two counts of homicide and manslaughter.

Shane Lloyd’s sister, Shannon Brown, spoke with Fox 35, calling him her “hero” while saying her nephew Jakob had an incredibly bright future with his whole life ahead of him. “My brother was my hero, so for this to be like a double whammy for our family, it’s hard to take all this in,” she said “They were just down there to get him ready to start, to start his life and his career.” As for justice in the case, Brown says she is hoping lawmakers pay attention. “The third time, and this time she killed two innocent people. I hope that lawmakers pay attention to this kind of thing, there’s no excuse for it,” she said. “She’ll be forgiven and her family will be in our prayers too, because like I said it’s not just our family that’s hurting, her family’s gonna hurt too.”

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