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Former psychic Jenn Nizza is issuing a warning after Fox News’s Jesse Watters interviewed a psychic named Paula Roberts. Nizza said she was concerned and “surprised” over the “demonic” practice being so prevalent on a TV news network. She told CBN Digital, “People are being exposed to divination. Many people are not aware and may think it’s entertainment, and I was really disappointed to see a news program pushing this out there and even making light of it, making it seem like it’s just entertainment and a joke.”

She continued, “That’s not what it is, and it doesn’t matter if you think it’s entertainment or not; the outcome is going to be the same.” According to Nizza, that outcome can breed spiritual danger. Roberts used Tarot cards during her appearance, sharing predictions about former President Donald Trump’s prospects. She also addressed current President Joe Biden and Watters himself. Nizza said Tarot cards initially served as a regular card game, but, over time, occultists began to use them to try and channel spirits.

She said, “That card is a piece of cardboard with a painting on it that has no knowledge about you, has no wisdom in your life, has no power to do anything. But the demonic forces that you are now inviting, because you’re practicing divination, you’re seeking those cards for esoteric knowledge. So, you have entered into divination. You’ve opened demonic doors, and it’s the demonic entities that are providing the information through interpretations and the little books that come with the Tarot cards.”

The ex-psychic said she knows these tools well as she once spent decades in the occult, working as a medium before becoming a Christian and leaving it all behind. Nizza said, “When you enter into divination, you are bound to get the consequences that come with it. And, of course, I didn’t know at the time; I thought I was helping people, but I entered into the demonic realm, and I had anxiety. I had destruction all around me.”

Nizza now shares her testimony, revealing why she abandoned the occult and how dangerous she believes engaging in these activities can be. In addition to hosting the “Ex-Psychic Saved Podcast,” the former medium is using social media to try to “win souls” over to the Christian faith. She said, “God, in His grace, set me free out of this 10 years ago, and I am on fire for Jesus.”

She continued, “I cannot stand seeing people demonically oppressed. I cannot stand people being deceived by the devil. It’s everywhere. I see it, I know it, I lived it, and I’m here to warn other people about it.”

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