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A quick Google search of the word “psychic” shows startling information. Within seconds, your eyes are drawn to all kinds of self-proclaiming and revelatory phrases and words, like “paranormal” and “clairvoyance.”

Upon closer investigation, you’ll find a listing of the best places to get tarot cards interpreted, a palm reading and even a sneak peek into a world beyond our own. If this ability to discern and identify information hidden from our ordinary senses sounds mysterious and even a bit evil, it is.

Jenn Nizza knows what it means to confront and discern this iniquity. Once trapped in a world of New Age lifestyle and thinking, she was saved by Jesus from the occult. But before that, she was an occult teacher and believes she was demonically oppressed.

Nizza remembers, “I wasn’t seeking a different life. I wasn’t looking for a new philosophy, and I didn’t want to try on Christianity or anything like that. I loved what I was doing. The oppression was so severe; it was heavy upon me. And one day, I just cried out to Jesus. The Jesus I never cared about, the real Jesus. I called on His name without any faith all those years. I was just at the end of myself. I cried out to Him.”

Well-versed on topics like past life regression and the law of attraction, 36-year-old Nizza cried out to Jesus for the first time and became a child of God. Suddenly, the darkness she had lived in for many years was obliterated. She quit her job and was determined to follow Jesus wherever her life might lead. Today, she exposes the dark underbelly of the New Age, the occult, and paranormal deceptions through her books and a podcast called “The Ex-Psychic Saved” podcast.

Nizza said, “I love to educate people because what you see isn’t always what you get. We are in a spiritual battle, and God is real, and the devil is real, and the devil is sneaky and tricky. And now he’s so blatant in our culture. The devil is very prevalent; these new-age practices, the psychic mediums, they’re everywhere. They’re on all the social media platforms. You can get a reading at the click of a button. It’s poison, and it’s hurting the children. So, my life’s goal is to educate people and always share the Gospel to win souls.”

Nizza joined the “Crossmap Podcast” to talk about how she realized that there was something better for her out there in the form of a lasting relationship with Jesus Christ.

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