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Melissa Joan Hart, known for playing “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” was going to a parent-teacher conference when news of the shooting at The Covenant School broke out in Nashville, Tennessee. Hart and her husband, Mark Wilkerson, were in their car when they saw a group of kindergarteners running out of the woods near the private school.

Hart has three children that attend the school next to Covenant. In an emotional Instagram post, Hart explained how she and her family left Sandy Hook, Connecticut, in 2012 after the horrific school shooting there. Hart explained, “Luckily, we are all okay. But we did; my husband and I were on our way to school for conferences, and luckily, our kids weren’t in today. We helped a class of kindergarteners across a busy highway.”

She recalled seeing the children “climbing out of the woods trying to escape the shooter situation at their school.” Hart continued, “So we helped all these tiny little, little kids cross the road and get their teachers over there, and we helped a mom reunite with her children. I don’t know what to say anymore. It is just — enough is enough, and just pray. Pray for the families.”

Six people, three 9-year-old children and three adults, were killed in the deadly rampage. As CBN’s Faithwire previously reported, one of the victims of the shooting, 9-year-old Hallie Scruggs, was the daughter of Chad Scruggs, pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church, which is affiliated with the school.


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Before becoming Covenant’s pastor, Chad Scruggs was on staff at Park Cities Presbyterian Church in Dallas, Texas, where Mark Davis serves as senior pastor. Davis noted the Scruggs family remains “deeply connected” to Park Cities.

“All four of their children had that radiance; we talk about the radiance of Christ, even at a young age,” Davis said of Scruggs’ for kids. “They’re gifted children; they really are. But they’re godly children.”

In conversations Davis had had with Chad Scruggs, he said: “I listened to him lament. I listened to him also say, we know she’s in the arms of Christ, and we know he loves her more than we did.”

The Nashville attack unfolded at the private Christian elementary school when a heavily armed shooter fired through glass doors to gain access and killed three 9-year-old students and three adults before being fatally shot by police.

A CNN count shows that it was the deadliest US school shooting in nearly a year and the 19th shooting at a school or university so far in 2023 that left at least one person wounded. Sadly, school shootings have become a tragic reality for Americans. Most people have been in a school shooting or know someone who has. Hopefully, it’s a reality that can change so more children won’t have to suffer through these tragedies.

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