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“The View” co-hosts discussed the recent Faith and Freedom Conference, where former President Donald Trump and other Republican candidates spoke out about faith in the United States. Co-host Sunny Hostin had strong words against evangelicals who continue to support the former president after being indicted for allegedly illegally maintaining confidential documents. “No one is above the law, and he’s been indicted by the Federal government and by the State government as well, but I think that’s an interesting spin he put on it. What was shocking to me was the hypocrisy of the evangelical community booing at the truth,” said Hostin, referring to how Chris Christie was booed for criticizing Donald Trump. “We can all have differences of opinions, but the facts remain the same, and he did these things, so it’s almost like they were going ‘la-la-la-la-la’ like little kids. They’re still going to vote for him.” 

Fellow co-host Ana Navarro agreed, saying she was “not shocked” that evangelicals still support Trump’s 2024 campaign. Sarah Haines also agreed with her colleagues, saying, “The first time around, I remember…I don’t understand the kind of ‘explaining this away,’ but some people said it was just to get those Supreme Court justices. Their one issue, their one issue. And they got them. To me, it’s more shocking they remain there after they got their justices.” President Trump appointed three Supreme Court justices during his presidency, all three of whom have been involved in the overturning of Roe vs. Wade, ending affirmative action in universities, and supporting religious freedom in making accommodations for employees’ religious practices and protecting people from being forced to create messages that violate their religious beliefs.

Whoopi Goldberg expressed her disappointment, saying, “The evangelicals are not the evangelicals of my youth.” She did, however, try to draw some of her colleagues’ ire away, saying, “You know, the thing about evangelicals that we all have to remember is that they’re human beings. They’re people, and they’re flawed, like all of us, so, you know, when they wake up and realize that God may not be on their side the way they think he is.” “Many of them are such good people and being taken by this charlatan, which is distressing,” agreed Hostin.

Evangelicals continue to have a tenuous relationship with President Trump. Presidential candidates like Mike Pence, Tim Scott, and Ron DeSantis are all courting the evangelical vote. DeSantis was well-received at the Faith and Freedom conference, although he trails the president in polls. Tom Ascol, who gave DeSantis’s invocation after he was reelected, stated that he believes Christians are looking for someone more “principled” like DeSantis. “I don’t think President Trump is a principled man — I think he was a great president,” he said while saying DeSantis “seems to be a man of sincere faith.”

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