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American Atheists, a non-profit that claims to protect the rights of atheists and to ensure the “absolute separation of government and religion,” always seems to find itself in the middle of controversy, writes Billy Hallowell at the news website the […]

Australian TV reports that the national Fair Work Ombudsman is alleging the Church of Scientology is guilty of false imprisonment of members and forced labor violating Australian slavery laws. The Ombudsman’s preliminary report found some Scientology workers paid as little as […]

He’s written his own Bible, he speaks out frequently attacking religion and now he’s founded his own seminary for non-believers. “A.C. Grayling has an impressive resume,” writes Jessice Weisberg in RD magazine. “He has been a philosophy professor, a representative to the […]

“Having followed the debates on religion and freedom of expression at the United Nations over the last several years, I have become accustomed to passing on bad news, such as a decade of resolutions by the Human Rights Council and […]

In a column titled “Atheism, Despair, and Envy: A Case Study,” American Vision columnist Joel McDurmon confesses: “I normally don’t get into online debates in comment sections, on Facebook, or even via email. I have too much work to get […]

On Tuesday, an internet news site, the Blaze, asked readers “Are some evangelicals beginning to question the existence of Adam and Eve?” “As is the case in all of the faith articles we compose,” writes editor Billy Hollowell, “it was our goal […]

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed against Gov. Rick Perry of Texas by atheists opposing his participation in a prayer rally next weekend. The lawsuit, filed by the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation, asked the judge to declare Mr. Perry’s […]

An atheist organization is suing Texas Governor Rick Perry, a possible presidential candidate, for initiating a private prayer event scheduled for August 6 in Houston. The Freedom from Religion Foundation is suing in federal court over Perry’s upcoming prayer event […]

WASHINGTON — Three atheist activism groups have complained the Army supported an evangelical Christian concert at North Carolina’s Fort Bragg but did not act sufficiently enthusiastic about a concert for nonbelievers. The three groups — Americans United for Separation of Church and State, the American […]

Hemant Mehta, writing on “The Friendly Atheist” blog, reports that: “Church and State will remain separate on Georgia’s license plates thanks to all of you. Earlier this week, I mentioned that Georgia was having an online vote to decide it’s new license plate. […]