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A New Hampshire woman and her child were kidnapped in Haiti from a Christian education ministry, El Roi Haiti, that is is founded and directed by her husband, Sandro Dorsainvil. According to the organization, Alix Dorsainvil and her child were taken near Port-Au-Prince on Thursday morning. Alix, who works as a community nurse, was said to be working at the time of the abduction. Authorities have not said how old Dorsainvil’s child is. The ministry released a statement confirming the kidnapping of Alix and her child by saying, “We can confirm that Alix Dorsainvil, our Director’s wife, and their child were kidnapped on the morning of Thursday, July 27th from our campus near Port au Prince while serving in our community ministry.” The statement continued by saying, “Alix is a deeply compassionate and loving person who considers Haiti her home and the Haitian people her friends and family. Alix has worked tirelessly as our school and community nurse to bring relief to those who are suffering as she loves and serves the people of Haiti in the name of Jesus.”

Following the kidnapping, the U.S. State Department ordered all non-emergency staff at the U.S. embassy in Port-Au-Prince to leave Haiti with their family members. A “Do Not Travel” advisory, the highest level, was issued to U.S. citizens to leave the country immediately. This comes after the recent unrest in the country including kidnapping, crime, and health care infrastructure following the recent armed clashes between criminal groups and the police.

El Roi Academy was founded by Sandro Dorsainvil, a Liberty University graduate. In a video posted to the ministry’s website, Alix Dorsainvil shared her story of leaving New Hampshire to live in Haiti with her now-husband. “Our goal is to provide a quality Christian education that will empower children to use their God-given abilities to fulfill His purpose for their lives. Students receive a quality education and a hot meal every day, regardless of their family’s capability to afford tuition,” said the ministry on their website. “We encourage parents/guardians to be active participants in their child’s education by providing their child’s uniform, volunteering at the school, attending parent-teacher meetings, and by encouraging their child’s regular attendance.”

In the statement, the ministry thanked supporters who have offered their prayers for the safety and return of Alix and her child. “Our team at El Roi Haiti is grateful for the outpouring of prayers, care, and support for our colleague. We continue to work with our partners and trusted relationships to secure their safe return,” the ministry said. The statement added saying, “We continue to trust in Jesus Christ who is faithful, even in these very difficult circumstances. We are asking people to pray and cry out to Him, that He would hold our friends safely in His hands and place a hedge of protection around them as He makes their path straight back to us and to freedom.”

Since this article was published, Alix and her daughter have been freed and are “healthy and unharmed.” Concilium Inc., who is a faith-based global security company, assisted the U.S. State Department and other American law enforcement officials to secure the release of Alix and her child. Her family has continued to praise God after their release and are thankful they were unharmed. 

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