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GiveSendGo/Joe Wurzelbacher

Joe Wurzelbacher, known as “Joe the Plumber” after hitting the political scene when he questioned then-presidential candidate Barack Obama during the 2008 election cycle, died after a battle with pancreatic cancer at 49 years old.

A post shared on a GiveSendGo page to benefit Wurzelbacher’s family read, “Joe passed away earlier this morning and entered our Lord’s heavenly home. Joe had been too sick/in too much pain to get out of bed lately, and his goal was to get Katie and their kids moved to her hometown surrounded by family.”

The move happened only one week before Wurzelbacher’s death, putting a “huge smile on his face.” His wife, Katie, thanked those who helped the family prepare for his passing. She said, “I won’t forget that smile he gave me. It brought him peace knowing we were all together by family. And everyone who helped us move also brought Joe that peace.” Last month, Wurzelbacher told CBN’s Faithwire that his career journey has “changed his perspective” on life, with his focus shifting to family and faith instead of politics.

He said, “People are going through things every day, and you don’t know what’s going on in their lives. Having a kind word and saying you’ll pray for them, it makes a difference. He also explained how blown away he was by a GiveSendGo campaign that brought in over $160,000 so far. He said of the generosity sent his way, “I just honestly started crying. There’s a lot of great people out there. They want to do good, and when they find they’re able to, most people will.” He continued, “It’s astounding and just gives you more faith in people. My wife and I sat and cried for a while and thanked God.”

Wurzelbacher, a political commentator who traveled the U.S. and appeared on countless radio and TV programs, is survived by his wife, Katie, and four children. Please pray for Wurzelbacher’s wife, children, and loved ones during this challenging time.

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