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LA-based luxury cookie company Last Crumb is facing criticism after a series of Easter-themed social media posts. The company posted an image to its Instagram of what appears to be the inside of a black and white tomb with a full-color cookie partially covering the entrance to the tomb, similar to images of the large rock that is described as covering Jesus’s tomb. The post included the caption, “Cookies worth resurrecting for… Happy Easter.” The company sparked a mixture of positive and negative responses, with some responding with a smiley face and others announcing they would now start following the account. “Born catholic, been catholic for 53 yrs… saw this, chuckled and then FOLLOWED instantly,” said one user. Others, however, were less amused, with some stating they were unfollowing and others saying the account would never have said anything about the Muslim faith. “NOW DO MUHAMMAD – I DARE YOU,” said one user. Another user posted, “Y’all would never post something like this for any other religious holiday.” The company responded with, “Watch us.”

The company, however, appeared to double down on the controversy, sharing another Easter-themed meme on TikTokThe TikTok brief video shows a large cookie rolling away from a tomb, with the same caption, “Cookies worth resurrecting for.” The post also includes a post saying, “Yes, they’re that good. Yes, this is problematic. Happy Easter!” The company’s social media is filled with cheeky responses, with their website marketing their cookies as “so good your grandmother will disown you.” One user on social media stated the move was in line with the company’s usual posts. “But what did you expect from this brand, though? Lots of their posts are disrespectful anyway. It’s their branding. This isn’t a shock. It’s expected,” said the post. “We’re consistent, if nothing else,” Last Crumb responded. Reporting on the posts, Fox News stated it had reached out to Last Crumb for a comment but had received none. 

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