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Goya Foods CEO Bob Unanue shared his concerns for the upcoming 2024 election and a possible “spiritual war” over the soul of America. Unanue was speaking with Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo on her show “Mornings with Maria” and addressed the growing number of GOP candidates who have announced their intention to run for the presidency. Bartiromo mentioned the growing number of Latinos in the US who are beginning to vote Republican. Unanue stated that speaking as a Latino, “And when things get bad, we need an intervention. We need an intervention bad, or otherwise we’re going to lose this country, our morality.” He went on to add “We are in a spiritual war. But this intervention is going to take place with the Holy Spirit. Latinos, which will be the biggest group in this country by 2050 or by next week with this open border, hold the values of God, family, life, work. We are attacked.” Unanue was addressing the reports of surging illegal border crossings at the US-Mexico border.

Unanue stated that the growing number of Latinos would pull America further away from what he feels is an infatuation with communism and confusion over gender. “[Latinos] left countries with communism, with oppression where there’s no freedom of speech, only to find that happening here. We’re in a country where we’re attacking the children. Our children are under attack, and we need to heal,” he said. He expressed continued support for Donald Trump as the Republican candidate for 2024, saying, “[Latinos] are going to, I believe, swing this vote for [Trump in] ’24. If not, we’re done.” Trump’s support from Latinos during his 2020 campaign had steadily increased from his 2016 campaign.

Unanue has previously voiced his support for the former president to the point where a number of Democrats called for a boycott of Goya Foods, which specializes in supplying authentic Latino food. The attempt came after Unanue received criticism for stating the US was “blessed” “to have a leader like President Trump who is a builder” at the launch of the White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative. Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes (AOC) called for the company to be boycotted and encouraged others on social media to find alternatives to the Latino foods company. Others followed the call, stating that the former President’s border policies were “xenophobic” against Latinos. However, studies showed that the calls for a boycott actually led to higher sales for the company, leading the company to name AOC “employee of the month.” Unanue remains unperturbed in his support for the former president, encouraging presidential candidates like Miami mayor Francis Suarez and Ron DeSantis to remain at the state level. “We need strong states. Otherwise, if everything goes to the federal, we have a dictatorship. We need Donald Trump in the White House, but we need strong mayors and governors around the country.”

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