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Warning: Referenced video features graphic sexually descriptive language. Viewer and Reader Discretion Advised      

Conservatives railed against Planned Parenthood after it released a sex education video that claimed virginity is a “made up concept.” The video features a woman dressed as a schoolteacher in a classroom and is entitled “What is Virginity?” The video opens with the woman announcing, “Virginity! What is it? And what’s the big deal about ‘losing’ it?” She then takes a dig at the concept. “Let me cut right to the chase – virginity is a completely made-up concept. It’s a term that was created simply to control and shame people -mainly women.” She states that virginity “isn’t a real thing” by medical standards and that the definition of “virgin” as someone who has never had sex is “not as simple as it seems.” She also claims the definition of virginity is “whack” because “sex means different things to different people.”

The video then goes on to claim that the current definition of sex as “penetration” leaves out queer people, listing a variety of sexual acts someone may partake in, as well as some people being forced or pressured into sexual activity. “There is also a double standard on who carries the burden of virginity. Society can put pressure on men for not having sex at the exact same time that they shame women for having it,” the woman adds. She then dismisses the idea of virginity entirely by announcing “It’s time to throw away the notion of ‘losing your virginity!’ What if instead of ‘losing’ something we reframe it as ‘gaining?’ Because, the truth is, when we make our own decision to become sexually active, we aren’t setting ourselves up to lose anything at all! We hope we are gaining things like intimacy, self insight , pleasure, and empowerment.” The ultimate definer of sex and virginity, according to Planned Parenthood? “YOU. You get to decide and define what sex – and virginity- mean for you.” The video ends (after a graphic description of various sex acts someone might choose to engage in) with the final thought that, “Choosing to have sex – when, what kind, where, and who with – is something that only you get to define.”

The video received heavy pushback from Christian conservatives, with Christian satire site Babylon Bee’s managing editor, Joel Berry, calling it “Repulsive in more ways than I can count.” Allie Beth Stuckey, podcast host of “Relatable” accused Planned Parenthood of wanting to “sexualize children.” “One fun thing progressives like to do is to pretend that concrete ideas – like sex and virginity, male and female – are abstract and flexible. The reason they’re doing that here is to trivialize sex,” she wrote on X. She stated the purpose was to make sex “no bigger deal than making out” and that “They want kids to think virginity isn’t real so they’ll never try to protect it.” She stated Planned Parenthood wants to sexualize children because, “they’ll be more likely to be both sexually confused and sexually promiscuous, because people in both these categories a) make Planned Parenthood the big bucks and b) join the ranks of progressive activism.”

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