Tanner Charles / YouTube

A team of storm chasers are thankful to be alive after they were trapped in the middle of a tornado. Tanner Charles uploaded a video to YouTube where he and fellow storm chasers got a bit too close for comfort with a tornado in Lewistown, Illinois. The video was recently uploaded, but they filmed the video back in April, where Charlies said it was “the most intense experience of my entire life.” Charles explained that the experience was “quite traumatic” which is why he just uploaded the video. “In the end, I’m just grateful that we made it out alive,” he continued. “This has to be some of the most intense footage I have ever shot in my entire chasing career. I wish we didn’t have to go through this to get this footage, but here we are.”

Charles and his crew were chasing the tornado when they were forced to stay put after power lines went down right ahead of them. At this point, the tornado was over their heads as they stayed put in their vehicle. As the storm barreled over them, they prayed to Jesus to keep them safe. “Lord Jesus, please protect us in the name of Jesus … I don’t know where that tornado is right now, I don’t like this.” They continued to pray as the storm passed and finally they were able to get out of their car to access to damage. The car had been damaged and completely pushed off the road, causing the men to thank the Lord for their lives. “Most important is that we’re alive,” said Charles.

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