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Kirk Cameron has spoken out against what he considered the “evil” of Hollywood after the documentary “Quiet on the Set” exposed the abusive nature of popular 90s Nickelodeon programs. The documentary discussed a number of inappropriate interactions between adults and child stars such as Amanda Bynes and Drake Bell. Bell revealed he was sexually abused by dialogue coach Brian Peck for years, with Peck facing few ramifications for his actions after he was arrested. There were also many questions about the behavior of producer Dan Schneider towards child actors. The documentary has given momentum to a growing concern for children in entertainment and the protections that should be in place to keep them from predators.

Kirk Cameron, who came to fame in the 80s as Mike Seaver on “Growing Pains,” spoke to “The Daily Wire” about the docuseries. Cameron, who started acting at 9 and gained his role on “Growing Pains” at 14, admitted to witnessing some “disturbing” behavior. “So, the evil, the darkness, the twisted sickness of Hollywood has been going on for a long time,” he said. Cameron recalled young boys like himself having regular interactions with Peck and called the docuseries’ revelations “shocking” and “sickening.” “Thank God I got out of there unscathed in the 1980s. Those people who did this stuff to these kids are the same kind of people in the industry today,” he stated. “Still making twisted, sick, perverted material that’s hurting children today. And they need to be completely rooted out and replaced.”

Cameron went on to express the need for clean children’s entertainment. “God has exposed them. He’s drug the evil out into the middle of the street in broad daylight and this is the time for brave Americans to take charge of their children’s entertainment and their education and start doing something about it.” Cameron took to X announcing his intention to take back children’s entertainment with his new show. “Children’s entertainment is getting darker by the minute. @Nickelodeon, I’ve got a message for you, we’re taking back children’s entertainment one episode at a time and we’re doing it without a hidden agenda. Parents can trust Adventures with Iggy and Mr. Kirk just like we trusted Mr. Rogers,” he wrote. The show is being produced by the new entertainment branch of Brave Books, which seeks to instill traditional values in children though children’s literature and shows. “Are we going to continue to let these things happen in the world of children’s programming, only to be discovered and outed decades later when the scars on these children are going to be with them for a lifetime?” he said in the video announcement, seemingly alluding to the documentary. A number of Christian and conservative channels have launched to offer clean programming for families, including Daily Wire’s Bentkey for Kids and Angel which features “The Wingfeather Saga,” “The Chosen,” and a new kids series based on King David.

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