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Kirk Cameron recently opened up about his decision not to kiss other women on screen while filming any movies or television shows. The actor has spoken about his faith and marriage in the past but more recently, Cameron shared a story about a particular scene in his new movie ‘Fireproof” that required him to kiss his on screen “wife.” While appearing on “The Megyn Kelly Show,” Cameron described a situation where he ran into a little bit of trouble while filming his new movie. “I said, ‘you know what? This is something that I stood at an altar and said that I would only do with my wife,” Kirk said. “And call it make-believe or not, I know how this would make me feel if I saw my wife doing this.”

Cameron suggested that they work their way around the kissing scene by having his wife on set to stand in for the actress who was playing Cameron’s on screen wife. “And so we re-did things, flew my wife out,” Kirk said. “She put on a wig that matched the actress’s hair in the movie, and she wore that dress. We shot the scene in a silhouette so you couldn’t tell, but when I’m kissing my wife in the movie, I’m actually kissing my wife, Chelsea.” The actor added, “I don’t want to do anything that is going to potentially injure my marriage.”

Kirk Cameron first met his wife Chelsea while starring in the sitcom, “Growing Pains.” The pair were co-stars and instantly hit it off with each other. They tied the knot in 1991 and share six children together. Kirk is the brother to “Full House” star Candace Cameron Bure, who also shares a strong Christian faith and has continued to be outspoken about her religion.

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