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Actress Patricia Heaton has been among the most vocal and boldest Hollywood stars to openly support Israel after Hamas terrorists killed at least 1,400 people and reportedly took hostage 199 children, women, and men. Heaton wrote after the deadly attack, decrying the murder of children, babies, older adults, and women, “I stand with Israel.”

The “Everybody Loves Raymond” star, who changed her X and Instagram profile photos to the Israeli flag, also slammed Hamas for its tactics, claiming the terror group preys upon and hates its people. Heaton wrote, “Hamas hates Palestinians. They only care about murdering Jews, and they will kill their own people to accomplish it.” She also shared an extensive list of charities working to help those affected by the crisis and delivered a convicting message to her fans.


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She said, “Have you ever thought, ‘Gee, if I were a German during WWII, I hope I would be that person who would stand up for my Jewish neighbors. Well, guess what? We have that opportunity today. Right now, the Jewish people are being slaughtered by terrorists as we speak.” She encouraged fans to step in and help financially or in any other feasible way and left them with a call to take action online and make their voices heard.

“If you’re active on social media, please stand up for Israel,” Heaton said. The actress has also been active over on X, where she’s sharing videos and messages in support of the Jewish state. Read her continuously updated feed here.

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