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Does Sunday Morning Church Really Need All This Glitter, Showmanship and Gimmickry?

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What’s wrong with church today? Are we in danger of turning worship into a flashy concert? Of watering down the message so nobody is offended? Of forgetting the simplicity of the Gospel? I grew up with a preacher’s kid. He […]


Want a Good Movie for Your Youth Group?

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What does it take to make a good Christian movie? “Passion,” says Nicole Abisinio, producer of “The Investigator,” based on the true-life story of comedian Ray Romano’s brother Rich. In the long-running TV series “Everybody Loves Raymond.” the character “Robert” […]


Can a bunch of kids thrill moviegoers with “Red Line”?

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Can a bunch of San Diego college students pull off a thriller disaster film? Yes, says Robert Kirbyson, director of “Red Line,” which takes place entirely in a mangled subway car underneath the streets of Los Angeles.   Crewed almost […]


Confessions of a Preacher’s Daughter

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She’s the star of “This Is Our Time.” She played Kirk Cameron’s wife in the surprise blockbuster “Fireproof.” But she grew up as the pastor’s kid at a megachurch. Was Erin Bethea the stereotypical fast-driving, hard-drinking, boy-teasing, cigar-smoking preacher’s daughter? […]

Hollywood discovers the public loves inspirational Christian movies

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Noah, machine gun preachers, religious cops, golfers finding their faith — good family movies with solid plots, beautiful cinematography and A-list stars are shaking Hollywood to its violent, filthy, perverse core — but the studios don’t care as long as it makes lots […]

Farmer kicks pop singer Rihanna, video crew out of his field, suggests she find God

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Northern Ireland farmer Alan Graham says he’d never heard of pop star Rihanna, but she was dressed too inappropriately to use his barley field, so he made her film crew pack up and leave. He did take time to counsel her to get right […]

After wardrobe malfunction, “Sorry! Jesus!” should kids watch “Dancing With the Stars?”

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ABC-TV’s “Dancing With the Stars” went from “PG-13″ to “R” Monday night as guest dancer Nancy Grace’s dress couldn’t contain her endowments, then singer Chynna Phillips cussed on the air. Already the show was pushing the edges of family-appropriate viewing […]

Violent, graphic “Machine Gun Preacher” movie actually had to tone down truth

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When actor Gerard Butler first read the script for the movie Machine Gun Preacher, “I thought, are you kidding me?” he says. “This couldn’t all have happened.” But it did and much more, writes Michele Vu for the Christian Post. “The man has […]

Has British comedian committed professional suicide by outing himself, confessing faith?

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British stand-up comic and talk-show host Frank Skinner has never been politically correct. But now he’s done it. He’s come out of the closet. He’s dared to defy the establishment and reveal that, yes, the rumors are true. He can’t […]

Can uplifting, values-based movies succeed at the box office?

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The mission: To bring positive, inspirational messages back into the global marketplace. “Such is the goal of Mission Pictures International,” writes Beliefnet’s John Kennedy, “the global film financing and distribution company founded by Cindy Bond and Chevonne O’Shaughnessy in 2008. […]

Can Mixed Martial Arts and Christianity work together?

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Try to imagine a Christian film that features the blood-and-guts world of Mixed Martial Arts. MMA, of course, combines the hype and show-biz of professional wrestling with the authentic outcomes of professional boxing, with a touch of karate, judo, Thai kick-boxing and plain ol’ […]

This fun trio’s message? “God is good!”

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“The Muslims Are Coming” comedy act features Christians and Jews, too

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“I just returned to New York after an eye-opening, exhausting and inspiring two weeks traveling across the American South with the stand-up comedy tour The Muslims Are Coming,” reports Dean Obeidallah for the Cable News Network. “We performed in Alabama, […]

New Bible game launched on Facebook

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A U.S.-based digital technology company is launching a new biblical game for Facebook users. Hexify is hoping Journey of Moses will fill the void in the market for Bible-based games on the social networking site, reports the Christian Today news […]

Talk show host: Sister Wives highlights “cult-like mentality of polygamy”

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“If you want to see another blatant example of social activism at the expense of traditional marriage,” writes retired lawman Paul A. Ibbetson, “go no further than The Learning Channel. “Part of TLC’s knowledge-enhancing program lineup is the show featuring polygamist […]

Cancer silences 17-year-old musician: “When you don’t have God, that’s truly when you’re alone.”

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Carson Sumpter, a Pelham teenager who continued participating in his church’s worship band despite painful, terminal bone cancer, died Wednesday at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. He was 17. Sumpter, who learned a year ago that he had bone cancer, played in […]

Christian praise album outselling Lady Gaga, Beyonce in Australia

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In the first week of release in Australia, Hillsong Church’s latest project God Is Able has outsold recent releases by Lady Gaga and Beyonce. The album debuted at third on the ARIA Top 50 Chart just behind Adele’s 21 and […]

Author worries: Is new Harry Potter film just a recruiting film for the occult?

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The final Harry Potter movie opens Friday, but Steve Wohlberg, author of Exposing Harry Potter and Witchcraft, is worried that it’s one more two-hour recruiting film for the occult. “Pottermania will experience one last spasm with the Grand Finale of Harry […]

Russia, Ukraine, South Korea rename “Captain America” movie

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The movie Captain America will keep its patriotic full title in most of the world when the superhero adventure hits the big-screen. Paramount Pictures and Marvel Comics gave distributors around the world the option of shortening the title of Captain America: […]

Reports say show will kill off Charlie Sheen’s “Two and a Half Men” character

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Goodbye, Charlie, reports Beliefnet’s “Faith, Media and Culture” writer John Kennedy. He reports that the raunchy CBS situation comedy “Two and a Half Men,” which has revolved around the debauchery of a character played by actor Charlie Sheen, will turn dark […]

Reporters out in the cold; Tuesday night’s premiere of Sarah Palin movie sold out

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National journalists found themselves stuck with the prospect of interviewing local farmers coming out Tuesday night’s premiere of the Sarah Palin movie in Pella, Iowa. It seems the 111-year-old Pella Opera House sold out every seat to local folks – and no tickets were […]

Sheen Gets New Show? “Racier,” “raunchier” than Two and a Half Men?

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Is Charlie Sheen back to winning? The embattled actor has reportedly signed a deal for a new show with Lionsgate Television, Radar Online exclusively reported Monday. The website reports that Sheen is poised to make more money than ever after […]

Feature: Bob Dylan’s Religious Mystique Endures

By RON CSILLAG c. 2011 Religion News Service (RNS) Through the 1960s, Bob Dylan was hailed as a prophet, first of folk music, then of rock ‘n’ roll — at least by those who forgave him the heresy of having […]

The Opus Dei Film that Isn’t Really about Opus Dei

By NICOLE NEROULIAS c. 2011 Religion News Service (RNS) Would you rather see a movie about a sinner or a saint? The marketing team for the new Roland Joffe film, There Be Dragons, is going for a little of both. […]

Commentary: (Should Be) Coming to a Theater Near You

By CATHLEEN FALSANI c. 2011 Religion News Service (RNS) This fall a film based on Donald Miller’s bestselling spiritual memoir, Blue Like Jazz, is expected to hit theaters nationwide. In many ways, Miller’s book is an unlikely subject for a […]

Vatican Paper Praises Fertility Ethics of Films

VATICAN CITY (RNS) The official Vatican newspaper has praised two recent Hollywood movies for showing the ethical downsides of sperm donation. In the lead article in the Saturday (April 9) edition of L’Osservatore Romano, Carlo Bellieni writes in When Cinema […]

Feature: Skeletons in the Catholic Church’s Closet

(RNS) In its new Sunday night series, The Borgias, Showtime has found the magic combination for ultimate crowd appeal in a scintillating soap opera about a bad-boy pope. The Borgias follows the quasi-historic story of the Spanish noble family who, […]

Showtime Soap Opera Features History’s Bad-Boy Pope

VATICAN CITY (RNS) Modern popes have had their fans and detractors, but few would dispute their reputations for personal virtue. That’s partly why the five most recent pontiffs — including John Paul II, who will be beatified on May 1 […]

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