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What’s wrong with church today? Are we in danger of turning worship into a flashy concert? Of watering down the message so nobody is offended? Of forgetting the simplicity of the Gospel? I grew up with a preacher’s kid. He […]

What does it take to make a good Christian movie? “Passion,” says Nicole Abisinio, producer of “The Investigator,” based on the true-life story of comedian Ray Romano’s brother Rich. In the long-running TV series “Everybody Loves Raymond.” the character “Robert” […]

Can a bunch of San Diego college students pull off a thriller disaster film? Yes, says Robert Kirbyson, director of “Red Line,” which takes place entirely in a mangled subway car underneath the streets of Los Angeles.   Crewed almost […]

She’s the star of “This Is Our Time.” She played Kirk Cameron’s wife in the surprise blockbuster “Fireproof.” But she grew up as the pastor’s kid at a megachurch. Was Erin Bethea the stereotypical fast-driving, hard-drinking, boy-teasing, cigar-smoking preacher’s daughter? […]

Noah, machine gun preachers, religious cops, golfers finding their faith — good family movies with solid plots, beautiful cinematography and A-list stars are shaking Hollywood to its violent, filthy, perverse core — but the studios don’t care as long as it makes lots […]

Northern Ireland farmer Alan Graham says he’d never heard of pop star Rihanna, but she was dressed too inappropriately to use his barley field, so he made her film crew pack up and leave. He did take time to counsel her to get right […]

ABC-TV’s “Dancing With the Stars” went from “PG-13” to “R” Monday night as guest dancer Nancy Grace’s dress couldn’t contain her endowments, then singer Chynna Phillips cussed on the air. Already the show was pushing the edges of family-appropriate viewing […]

When actor Gerard Butler first read the script for the movie Machine Gun Preacher, “I thought, are you kidding me?” he says. “This couldn’t all have happened.” But it did and much more, writes Michele Vu for the Christian Post. “The man has […]

British stand-up comic and talk-show host Frank Skinner has never been politically correct. But now he’s done it. He’s come out of the closet. He’s dared to defy the establishment and reveal that, yes, the rumors are true. He can’t […]

The mission: To bring positive, inspirational messages back into the global marketplace. “Such is the goal of Mission Pictures International,” writes Beliefnet’s John Kennedy, “the global film financing and distribution company founded by Cindy Bond and Chevonne O’Shaughnessy in 2008. […]