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Try to imagine a Christian film that features the blood-and-guts world of Mixed Martial Arts. MMA, of course, combines the hype and show-biz of professional wrestling with the authentic outcomes of professional boxing, with a touch of karate, judo, Thai kick-boxing and plain ol’ […]

“I just returned to New York after an eye-opening, exhausting and inspiring two weeks traveling across the American South with the stand-up comedy tour The Muslims Are Coming,” reports Dean Obeidallah for the Cable News Network. “We performed in Alabama, […]

A U.S.-based digital technology company is launching a new biblical game for Facebook users. Hexify is hoping Journey of Moses will fill the void in the market for Bible-based games on the social networking site, reports the Christian Today news […]

“If you want to see another blatant example of social activism at the expense of traditional marriage,” writes retired lawman Paul A. Ibbetson, “go no further than The Learning Channel. “Part of TLC’s knowledge-enhancing program lineup is the show featuring polygamist […]

Carson Sumpter, a Pelham teenager who continued participating in his church’s worship band despite painful, terminal bone cancer, died Wednesday at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. He was 17. Sumpter, who learned a year ago that he had bone cancer, played in […]

In the first week of release in Australia, Hillsong Church’s latest project God Is Able has outsold recent releases by Lady Gaga and Beyonce. The album debuted at third on the ARIA Top 50 Chart just behind Adele’s 21 and […]

The final Harry Potter movie opens Friday, but Steve Wohlberg, author of Exposing Harry Potter and Witchcraft, is worried that it’s one more two-hour recruiting film for the occult. “Pottermania will experience one last spasm with the Grand Finale of Harry […]

The movie Captain America will keep its patriotic full title in most of the world when the superhero adventure hits the big-screen. Paramount Pictures and Marvel Comics gave distributors around the world the option of shortening the title of Captain America: […]

Goodbye, Charlie, reports Beliefnet’s “Faith, Media and Culture” writer John Kennedy. He reports that the raunchy CBS situation comedy “Two and a Half Men,” which has revolved around the debauchery of a character played by actor Charlie Sheen, will turn dark […]