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Faced with local regulations banning skyscrapers, a Mexico City architect wants instead to build a 65-story pyramid at the center of Mexico’s religious and cultural hub. And bury it. Edwardo Suarez of the prestigious Mexico City architectural firm BNKR Arquitectura wants […]

As landscaper Salvador Maya sawed into a large pine tree on the lawn of Escondido, California’s First Congregational Church, he stepped back in awe, then spontaneously crossed himself. He yelled at his boss, Jim Rants, to come look. “Look at this,” […]

“We wish the people of Wisconsin would take care of their own business and leave us, and this statue, totally alone,” says Michael Shepard, the commander of American Legion Post 108 in Whitefish, Montana. He is irked that a group […]

Canadian TV commentator Rex Murphy is tired of Christians turning the other cheek. “There is a radical inconsistency to the treatment afforded to Christian believers and that of most other religious groups,” he writes in the Canadian daily newspaper the […]

A group of friends say they have launched a 86-year project in which they will post on Twitter one verse of the Bible daily. Calling their project, “#TweetTheBible,” they say they are offering followers “the ability to follow the entire Bible — […]

Who will release the first Hollywood biographical movie about Elvis Presley? According to the Hollywood Reporter, four productions are in the works — and one of them, The Identical, focuses on the elusive question of Presley’s faith. Worldwide, the enigmatic Presley […]

Billionaire Richard Branson thought he could prevent the American invasion of Iraq. In March 2003, he persuaded South Africa’s Nobel Peace Prize-winning President Nelson Mandela to fly to Baghdad and talk Saddam Hussein into leaving the country with them. Branson […]

President Obama is coming under criticism for delivering a Thanksgiving Day message that never mentions the Almighty — presumably the one to whom the day is dedicated. In the original Thanksgiving feast, the Pilgrims at Plymouth Colony certainly didn’t hold […]

Girls today are growing up in a “moral abyss,” says Dr. Helen Wright, telling an annual conference in Britain that she is greatly concerned by the “erosion of the innocence of childhood in the 21st Century.” Indeed, society must wake up “to […]

Incredulous cellphone companies in Pakistan have asked their government for “clarification” of a letter forbidding the texting of the words “Jesus” or “Christ” as well as 1,600 other words officials deem offensive to Islam. Companies were told to begin blocking […]