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It was perhaps the dullest Republican victory party since Herbert Hoover. Mitt Romney won the Texas primary and with it the national Republican nomination for president. What followed was a victory party that could have been sponsored by Serta and […]

The gap between Democrat and Republican churchgoers has widened, according to a new Gallup poll. The new report shows that 52 percent of Democrats seldom or never attend church. Democrats who attend weekly dropped two percent  from 29 to 27 percent […]

From the media watchdog group Accuracy in Media, GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain says what Congressional Republicans are grinding out isn’t very pretty.

Forget his role in building the Panama Canal or his responsibility for America’s emergence as a world superpower with our victory in the Spanish-American War. Teddy Roosevelt is the reason America has football. In most other countries around the globe, […]

Keep your kids away from patriotic events – celebrating America’s heritage will turn them into Republicans. That’s the finding from Harvard University. Furthermore, Democratic candidates need not bother attending Independence Day, say the researchers, since the events only energize right-wingers. CLICK […]