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Waving her diploma over her head, Guadelupe Rojas walked across the stage, shook various university officials’ hands, and laughing took a bow as her family and friends in the bleachers cheered, whistled and applauded. Her brother, Kiko, who will earn his […]

Has President Barack Obama quietly given himself dictatorial powers over the weekend — new authority to nationalize much of the country’s national resources? To draft citizens into a non-military corps? That’s the buzz – particularly on Twitter over an Executive […]

In an election year of all times, why would President Barack Obama choose to infuriate both America’s Catholics and Southern Baptists? “It seems that Obama, in a classic act of hubris, has created the means of his own destruction,” writes […]

President Barack Obama Was President Obama mocking Congress for reaffirming the nation’s official motto “In God We Trust?”   In the video, the President reaffirms his belief in God, then speaks for the Almighty — stating that the Creator wants […]

President Barack Obama passed a key test Monday night in case anybody is worried that he might be the Antichrist. Speaking at a campaign fundraiser at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, Obama was interrupted by a man identified […]

“A Christian group calling themselves the Circle of Protection recently met with President Obama, saying that they spoke for ‘Christians’ and urging him to ‘protect programs for the poor’ from budget cuts,” writes Jordan Sekulow for the Washington Post‘s On […]

Never mind what you’ve heard. Halle Berry was not the first black woman to win an Academy Award for Best Actress. She was actually the 74th white one. And never mind all this talk about America electing its first black […]

With fringe websites constantly proclaiming that President Obama is either a Communist or a Muslim or both, a Russian government-supported website, Russia Today, says that Obama is a spawn of the CIA, which generally is considered an ultra-conservative agency. According to the […]

Does Barack Obama have an Israel problem? The frontrunning GOP candidates seem to think so: “He seems firmly and clearly determined to undermine our longtime friend and ally. He’s treating Israel the same way so many European countries have: with suspicion, […]