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Will Egypt become the next Pakistan?

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by Sherif Meleka Special to Beliefnet A few days ago, I was watching a popular Egyptian talk show, Fil Midan, or “In the Square.” It had a very interesting guest, a leader of a salafi Islamic political faction. He maintained […]


“Shakespearean Insult Kit” offers tips on how to be sharp-tongued with class

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Are you weary of giving voice to the same tired old invectives when boorish rubes intrude upon your serenity? “Don’t you wish you could inveigh your enemy with a genuinely classic put-down?” asks writer Pete Lewin. “Well, now you can. With this handy-dandy […]


Washington Post: Death penalty pro-life?

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“It is often pointed out, contrary to what most people expect, that there is a positive correlation between being pro-life and supporting the death penalty,” writes Dr. Richard Land in the Washington Post‘s “On Faith” section. “Conversely, there is also […]


Watchwoman on the Wall: 63-year-old cartoon has a message for us all

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You might call it a relic of the 1950s, a souvenir of the Eisenhower years, back when America had just defeated the Nazis and was faced with the threat of Communism. Those were “Leave It to Beaver,” “Father Knows Best,” “Ozzie […]

Washington Post: “Convergence” includes Christianity, Apache shamanism, anarchy

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The People Against Poverty and Apathy Festival attended by about 500 free spirits in a field north of Baltimore “is completely outside of what you might see in a typical Sunday morning service,” writes blogger Julia Duin. “In fact, most […]

“Tolerance” collapsing under the weight of contradicting expectations, says author

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Tolerance – understood in its classical liberal sense as a virtue essential to freedom – has been hijacked and bankrupted, argues British sociologist Frank Furedi. “Dragged into the politicisation of identity, tolerance has become a form of ‘polite etiquette. Where once […]

Biola University prof: 9/11 attacks are a depressing indictment of humanity

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The September 11, 2001 attacks on America reveal what is often hidden to us about ourselves, writes Clay Jones, a professor at Biola University near Los Angeles. “We are scared of our own mortality,” he writes. “We tend to call the […]

Christian Post: Christians evangelize because Jesus told them to

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Greg Stier was asked by someone not too long ago why Christians were so obsessed with proseltyizing others. He writes in the Christian Post: I paused and thought about his excellent question. According to the dictionary, the word proselytize means, […]

Happy Labor Day! So, just what is it that we are celebrating today?

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Happy Labor Day! As you enjoy this federal holiday … do you have any idea why you are celebrating? Labor Day has been an official U.S. holiday for only slightly more than a century, yet it is embedded into the […]

Where do children and motherhood rank in our society?

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by Rachel Jankovic John Piper’s Desiring God website A few years ago, when I just had four children and when the oldest was still three, I loaded them all up to go on a walk. After the final sippy cup […]

Is your church too “cool”? Longing for a little tradition?

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by Rachel Held Evans ~ Relevant Magazine People sometimes assume that because I’m a progressive 30-year-old who has no children, I must want a super-hip church—you know, the kind that’s called “Thrive” or “Be,” and which boasts “an awesome worship […]

Bestselling author: America’s culture is in collapse

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American culture is circling the drain faster and faster, but most of us are too caught up in the frenetic pace of our lives to notice the dramatic changes that have sent our country spinning out of control, says New […]

Washington Post: Jerusalem holy to Christians and Muslims, but central to Jews

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“Many of us who travel to Israel frequently risk becoming jaded,” writes Menachem Z. Rosensaft in the Washington Post‘s On Faith section. “We lose sight of Israel’s true significance.” Rosensaft is an adjunct Professor of Law at Cornell Law School, a […]

John Stossel: Almost everything we’ve been taught is wrong

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“We grow up learning that some things are just bad: child labor, ticket scalping, price gouging, kidney selling, blackmail,” writes ABC journalist and 20/20 co-host John Stossel. “But maybe they’re not.” How can anybody defend child labor? Stossel seems to enjoy challenging political correctness. “What […]

South American missionary: Answer to fanaticism is an authentic encounter with God

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“Without Christ, man’s rebellion to power can become insanity, as in Oslo,” writes Italian Catholic priest Aldo Trento, who is serving as a missionary in Paraguay, South America. He offers this commentary to Beliefnet readers   by Padre Aldo Trento […]

Lack of news media ethics? Public’s hunger for the salacious doesn’t help

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“So,” writes former Associated Press staffer and author Robert Mims. “the Vatican has weighed in on the growing scandal with media mogul Rupert Murdock’s News of the World cell phone hacking scandal. The Holy See’s newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, opines that its high […]

Libel is not love — even if you disagree

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by Anthony Bradley One sign of the declining state of Christianity in America is the way in which believers publicly slander one another, which can do violence to love and undermine the witness of the Church to nonbelievers. A recent […]

Can “reality TV” inspire real faith?

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“When I began this blog,” writes longtime Associated Press staffer Robert Mims, “one thing Beliefnet wanted me to explore was what inspiration or faith lessons could be gleaned from so-called ‘reality television’” shows. “Hmm. Well, there’s no doubt there is a […]

Commentary: Be sure to read the warning labels

By A. JAMES RUDIN c. 2011 Religion News Service (RNS) It’s hard to escape the barrage of TV ads that praise the benefits of various medications and then conclude with a rapid-fire list of the drug’s potentially harmful side effects. […]

Commentary: True Reform Would Start with ‘I’m Sorry’

By KIM MICHELE RICHARDSON c. 2011 Religion News Service (RNS) The Vatican has given the world’s Catholic bishops one year to set policies for handling allegations of child abuse, including reporting to police where required by local law. And on […]

Commentary: Torture Didn’t and Doesn’t Make Us Safer

By LINDA J. GUSTITUS c. 2011 Religion News Service (RNS) Immediate claims by supporters of the Bush administration’s torture program that Osama bin Laden was found and killed based on information obtained through torture leaves one almost breathless. Disregarding the […]

Commentary: Osama bin Laden Is Dead. Discuss

By CATHLEEN FALSANI c. 2011 Religion News Service (RNS) Late Sunday night, while perusing Facebook, a friend on Facebook updated her status to announce that Osama bin Laden was dead. It took a few seconds to confirm the news on […]

Commentary: A New Leader for Challenging Times

NEW YORK (RNS) The heady days of American congregational expansion are over. The nation’s largest Jewish group, the 1.5 million-member Union for Reform Judaism, is now confronting the same stagnant or even declining membership trends that have become routine for […]

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