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Thousands of Texans, including the state attorney general and the governor, have sent a clear message to Wisconsin atheists who enjoy intimidating small towns into removing nativity scenes. At least 5,000 showed up at a rally supporting Henderson County officials […]

A group of tattooed Texans on a mission of solidarity roared up to Israel’s Temple Mount and joined Orthodox Jews praying Sunday night at the Western Wall — all that remains of Solomon’s Temple. The hog riders may not look […]

Spanking your kids can send you to jail in Corpus Christi, Texas, although corporal punishment is allowed by Texas law. “This week, a local woman avoided jail time,” reports KZTV News, “but her case made it clear that local prosecutors and […]

The Parker County, Texas, Sheriff’s Department says thieves have stolen or damaged air conditioning units at seven different churches in the area, and that’s just in the last three months. Most recently the Faith Presbyterian Church in Aledo, Texas, was vandalized when […]

WASHINGTON (RNS) Prison inmates who are deprived of their religious rights cannot sue states for monetary damages, the Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday (April 20). Inmate Harvey Leroy Sossamon III said a Texas state prison illegally prevented him from attending […]