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ABC News’ Christiane Amanpour: Not your ordinary Christmases

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Christmas has unique memories for international journalist Christiane Amanpour, the ABC News Global Affairs Anchor. As a small child, she remembers wonderful times, “my family with a Christmas tree and presents and a family gathering.” But her father was Muslim. Her mother […]


Is Iran about to drag us into Armageddon?

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Should we be worried that Iran is about to tip the entire world into World War III?  Are some folks reading far too much into all of today’s saber-rattling? Are they drawing wild conclusions from popular interpretations of Bible prophecy […]


71 tattooed Texas Pentecostal preachers roar up to Israel’s Wailing Wall — on Harleys!

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A group of tattooed Texans on a mission of solidarity roared up to Israel’s Temple Mount and joined Orthodox Jews praying Sunday night at the Western Wall — all that remains of Solomon’s Temple. The hog riders may not look […]


Libya’s Gadhafi used Jewish contacts to try to patch up relations with the United States

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The late Moammar Gadhafi reached out through Jewish channels to try to repair relations with the United States during his final decade as Libya’s leader. “Now it can be told,” writes Ron Kampeas for JTA, the Israeli news service. “For the last decade or so, […]

Israel nabs terrorist leader Hassan Yousef, father of bestselling “Son of Hamas” author

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Sheikh Hassan Yousef, co-founder of the Palestinian terror group Hamas and father of New York Times bestselling author Hosab Hassan Yousef, has been picked up in a raid inside the Palestinian territories by Israeli Defense Forces. The elder Yousef had been freed from […]

3,000 pray against town’s destruction

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About 3,000 Israelis gathered Thursday to ask the Almighty to intervene — and prevent the demolition of the community of Givat Asaf. Hebrew for “Asaf Hill,” the illegal settlement on the West Bank was named for Asaf Hershkovitz, a resident in nearby […]

King of Jordan: Israel must be assured of its security

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Jordanian King Abdullah II told participants at the World Economic Forum this week that Israel must have defendable borders — and must be assured of its security. The statement was historic if for no other reason than the occupied West […]

Egypt: Hamas will free Israeli soldier held 5 years in trade for 1,000 Palestinian prisoners

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An Israeli soldier held for five years by the armed wing of Hamas will be released in exchange for the release of 1,000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, according to Israeli Army Radio. Israel Defense Forces soldier Gilad Schalit was […]

Israeli author Yoram Kaniuk wins court battle to be ethnic Jewish, but not religious

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Israeli writer Yoram Kaniuk has won his battle in Tel Aviv District Court to be recorded in Israel’s population register as having “no religion” while still being listed as ethnically Jewish. Kaniuk, who was born and raised in Tel Aviv, fought heroically […]

Arutz Sheva: Egypt, Qatar promise at Iran meeting to cut off Israel’s natural gas

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Egypt has promised an Arab conference it will cut off all natural gas sales to Israel, according to Arutz Sheva, the Israeli National News agency. “Egypt, which currently provides about 40 percent of Israel’s natural gas through its Sinai Peninsula pipeline,” writes Chana […]

Israel lawmakers to vote on full annexation of occupied West Bank

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Full annexation of the occupied West Bank and repudiation of any agreements with the Palestinian Authority are scheduled for an October vote in Israel’s legislative body, the Knesset. The West Bank consists of 3,504 square miles — smaller than Rhode Island — that include […]

Now that he’s out of Iran, synagogue dares to reveal hiker Josh Fattal is one of their own

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When hiker Josh Fattal was finally released after being held for two years in Iran, his friends and family — and particularly his synagogue — could finally reveal a secret kept under wraps even by the news media. Iran — an Islamic […]

Israel announces “Jewish News 1″ broadcast alternative to al-Jazeera

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The first-ever Jewish news network will begin broadcasting tomorrow. “Jewish News 1 was born as an alternative to the world’s leading news networks – CNN, Fox News and Sky News,” reports Andy Sennitt for the Media Network. “But its main […]

Israel asks you to vote for the Dead Sea as a “wonder of the world”

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Israeli officials want the Dead Sea to make the “New Seven Wonders of Nature” list — and say you can help. The ancient sea is among 28 finalists offered by the conservation-minded New 7 Wonders group. “I would like to ask […]

Jews, Palestinians have close genetic ties, say researchers

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As many as 90 percent of Palestinians in some areas have close genetic ties to Jews, according to researchers. Ariella Oppenheim Ph.D., a researcher at Hebrew University and the Hadassah Medical School labs, has published the result of DNA studies […]

Rumblings of war: Greece and Israel sign pact amid worries about Turkey

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With Turkey threatening naval action against Israel, the Jewish state and Greece have invoked a mutual defense pact they signed without publicity only 12 days ago. “Greek Defense Minister Panos Beglitis, making the first official visit by a Greek defense minister to Israel, […]

Messianic Jews in Israel report harassment from pamphleteers

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by Corine Gatti of the Beliefnet staff Messianic Jews in a suburb west of Jerusalem continue to be harassed for following their faith, this time by someone anonymously placing flyers in public areas singling out members of Messianic congregations. The […]

Wall Street Journal: Jewish voters switched to GOP over NY same-sex marriage, Israel

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The Democrats lost a long-held Congressional seat to the Republicans Tuesday because Jewish voters were irked over New York’s new same-sex marriage law and the Obama administration’s attitude toward Israel, according to political observers. “Many Jewish voters turned out to […]

Have Israeli archeologists found Goliath’s hometown?

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At the remains of an ancient metropolis in southern Israel, archaeologists are piecing together the history of a people remembered chiefly as the bad guys of the Hebrew Bible. The city of Gath, where the annual digging season began this […]

Sinai’s Beduin tribes hired to protect Egypt-Israel natural gas pipeline

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  Companies managing the Sinai conduit that transports Egyptian natural gas to Israel have hired several Beduin tribes to protect the pipeline. Lines have been sabotaged three times in July, five times since January. North Sinai Governor Abdel Wahab Mabrouk told  the […]

Jewish group calls for Iran to be barred from Olympics for boycotting Israeli athletes

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The World Jewish Congress says Iran should be barred from taking part in the Olympics and other international sporting events until its athletes stop boycotting their Israeli counterparts. The congress called the Iranian behavior “unsportsmanlike and smacks of anti-Semitism.” “Iranian swimmer Mohammed […]

Jerusalem Post: Police stop donkey convoy en route to gay parade

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“As if it weren’t enough that three separate protests converged on Jerusalem Thursday afternoon,” reports Melanie Lidman in the Jerusalem Post, “the doctor’s march, the tent protest, and the Gay pride parade – police stopped a procession of four donkeys and a […]

Jerusalem Post: Washington is not clear regarding Palestine’s UN rejection says Abbas

posted by Corine Gatti

President of the Palestinian National Authority Mahmoud Abbas said that the US has not been clear on whether they will reject Palestine UN bid to become a state in September based on the pre-1967 lines. A report from the Jerusalem […]

Jerusalem Post: Israeli commandos board blockade-running yacht

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The Israeli navy boarded and took over the  over Gaza-bound French flotilla ship Dignity, according to the Jerusalem Post’s Yaakov Katz. The action came after negotiations to persuade 15 pro-Palestinian activists aboard to divert their course away from the Gaza Strip failed. […]

Jerusalem Post: Beck warns Knesset hate about to “go through the roof”

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Former Fox News pundit Glenn Beck proclaimed his solidarity with the Jewish people Monday as he spoke to members of the Israeli Knesset. “Where you go, I shall go. Your people are my people, your God is my God,” Beck told a committee of […]

Washington Post: Does Obama have an Israel problem?

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Does Barack Obama have an Israel problem? The frontrunning GOP candidates seem to think so: “He seems firmly and clearly determined to undermine our longtime friend and ally. He’s treating Israel the same way so many European countries have: with suspicion, […]

Homeland Security says Israel placed on terror watch list in error

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The U.S. Department of Homeland Security says that it made a mistake when placing Israel on a terror watch list. John Morton, who serves as the director of the department’s U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division, says the selection was made […]

Netanyahu says he needs to hear Palestinian leaders say they’ll accept the Jewish state

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from the Jerusalem Post Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu called on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to recognize Israel as a Jewish state on Tuesday, saying “Just say the six words – ‘I will accept the Jewish state.’” In an address […]

Jewish leader’s blog too controversial for America On Line’s “The Huffington Post”?

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David Harris is Executive Director of the American Jewish Committee.  The New York Times has called the AJC, which was founded in 1906,  “the dean of American Jewish organizations.”  So it’s not that radical of an outfit.  But the position […]

Orthodox basketball player allowed to cover her arms

By MICHELE CHABIN c. 2011 Religion News Service JERUSALEM (RNS) The international basketball federation has decided to permit an Orthodox Jewish basketball player to cover her arms during competitions in accordance with her religious beliefs. FIBA made the decision several […]

Israel Removes Land Mines from Site of Jesus’ Baptism

By JUDITH SUDILOVSKY c. 2011 Religion News Service QASR EL YAHUD, West Bank (RNS/ENInews) Pilgrims are flowing back to the traditional site of Jesus’ baptism on the Jordan River as Israel removes 40-year-old land mines and makes improvements to the […]

Jews, Evangelicals Search for Ways to Discuss Israel

By DEBRA RUBIN c. 2011 Religion News Service WASHINGTON (RNS) American Jews and evangelicals need a formal mechanism to discuss their differences and similarities on support for Israel, leaders from both sides said Thursday (April 28) at the American Jewish […]

Love Lost and Found on Opposite Sides of Border

BARTA’A, Israel (RNS) Fatmeh Kabaha spent most of her life surrounded by her brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews in a small Palestinian village just minutes from the border that separates the Palestinian territories from Israel. Six years ago, she […]

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