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Christmas has unique memories for international journalist Christiane Amanpour, the ABC News Global Affairs Anchor. As a small child, she remembers wonderful times, “my family with a Christmas tree and presents and a family gathering.” But her father was Muslim. Her mother […]

With his elderly father suffering from the confusion that comes with too many old-age ailments, Steven Travers felt the two of them still needed to have a heart-to-heart talk. But he feared it would not be easy. “I girded myself,” Travers writes […]

Texas 9-year-old Isaac Armstead credits his faith in God for his incredible survival after walking into a airplane propeller going full speed — and living to talk about it. The prop split his head open and took off his right […]

What a sad tale! A bunch of mean teenagers pulled up at a neighborhood lemonade stand, pretended to be digging in their pockets for money, but instead robbed the 4- through 11-year-old entrepreneurs. Threatening to beat up the little kids, […]

The event – a foul-shooting contest for top academic students at Compton High School in Los Angeles – was created with a simple premise: Organizers wanted to show the kids in the low-income, high-crime area how to create community spirit with college scholarship […]

Beliefnet’s Nora Beth Puls reports in her “Sweet Shore” blog that the U.S. Navy’s Logistics Specialist 1st Class Christopher Cady, a petty officer, has been named the winner of this year’s National Fatherhood Initiative “Military Fatherhood Award” during a ceremony in […]