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Whether or not to legalize lifestyles they consider immoral should not be a requirement for receiving British foreign aid, a key African leader told Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron on Wednesday. Offended by the implication that Ghana’s former colonial masters […]

Directions to schools in Scotland to promote homosexual issues even if parents object have been withdrawn. The instructions came in a government-backed booklet which told Scottish school administrators to run “diversity events” for teachers and parents and adopt a specific […]

British police are claiming they did nothing wrong when they questioned a cafe owner for almost an hour until he turned off a video displaying Bible verses. Jamie Murray, owner of the Salt and Light Cafe in Blackpool, 240 miles northwest of […]

“Homosexual activists have once again pressured the head of a trendy company heavily patronized by the ‘gay’ community to back out of a scheduled speaking engagement sponsored by a Christian organization,” writes Dave Bohon writing in the New American. Starbucks […]

The Jesuit-run Marquette University has punished a Christian group for dismissing an officer after he revealed himself as a practicing homosexual, reports Jeremy Kryn for LifeSiteNews: Last Friday, Marquette political science professor John McAdams blogged about the outrage of the […]

California kindergartners now, by state law, must learn about homosexual history and accomplishments. Columnist Michael Medved says it’s political correctness run amok. Writing in The Daily Beast, an internet news site. he writes: Thanks to California’s newly enacted “gay history” […]

Thousands marched in the city center of Lima, Peru, Thursday to protest against a bill that allows homosexuals to express their affections in public places, including schools. The bill was proposed by Senator Manuel Cardenas, who says the bill aims […]

 The “Safe Schools” office in the U.S. Department of Education, run by gay rights activist Kevin Jennings, has had its funding cut and status demoted. The changes in the Office of Safe and Drug-free Schools came just two weeks […]