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February 2015 Archives

It’s windy. He’s rushing. He’s rushing. It’s windy. Even the clouds are edgy, jagged edges. Horse in a hurry, aggressive sword, tilted. Trees tilted. It’s all a bit… skewed for the Knight of Swords. I think he’s too frantic to …Read More

Are you or are you not a sacrifice? I just drew the Hanged Man for someone and went to Google some images for her and saw a Charlie Brown Hanged Man and he looked so damn unhappy but the message …Read More

And what a beautiful card we see today, the Ten of Cups, one of the happiest cards in the deck. I’ve gone traditional this morning, got my Rider Waite here, and we see a happy couple with arms outstretched, dancing …Read More

The Tower isn’t always bad. I used to think the Tower was always bad. I would often see it for BAD — for evictions and my best friend’s cancer and another eviction and BAD. But when I saw it today …Read More

Mourn if you must, mourn. But don’t get it on me, says the King of Cups. I’ve got a job to do. I’m busy. Can’t you see? I am busy curtailing and corralling the emotional life of MY Kingdom and …Read More

Could be arguments, yes, when you see the Five of Wands. Squabbling. OR it could be… hammering it out. Something is being built though. There is discussion for sure. Doesn’t have to be a fight-fight. I mean, when I look …Read More

This card came up earlier today when I was doing a video forecast for Aries, for the week of February 9th. The Seven of Cups. And I remembered seeing it just days earlier for a monthly forecast but couldn’t remember …Read More

I am so happy to see a happy card! And I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about this card before. The couple in the version of the card that I’m looking at (from the New Palladini) has their back to …Read More