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Well isn’t this interesting.

Shuffling to draw a card for my blog post today and I get the Death card. I drew this card the last time I was here.

Who is death? What does she want from us? 

I decide to go a different route today – I decide to look in my herbals, in my magick books for herbs associated with death…

Yew for raising the dead…
Star Anise for contacting the dead…
Dandelion for summoning spirits…

Among others. There are lists upon lists of magickal lists of herbs for this purpose, that purpose.

I am, admittedly, no necromantic expert (hmm are you sure about that, Aliza?) but am fascinated – and was told months ago by a trusted soul (and shamanic practitoner) that one of my spirit helpers comes from the “cosmic underworld”…

Suddenly my life made more sense. Know that feeling? Relief? Color instead of black and white. I always did find cemeteries comforting (to name just one manifestation). So much of life is a process of remembering what we already know.

So you saw the Death card. Now what? What if you aren’t really interested in contacting spirits and you’ve read that this card pertains to “change” and “transformation.”

Ride your fate and see where it takes you says Joan Bunning (Learning the Tarot).

I feel there is always sadness with this card. You want Nine Cups! Ten Pentacles! The Lovers. But you saw the Death card. Something is ending, changing, and you have no choice. And whether you can predict what comes next depends on the card that follows. This isn’t where you want to be but it’s where you are. I remember seeing this card over and over when a relationship was ending. I wanted to avoid this fate. I couldn’t avoid this fate. That’s what fate IS.

These words from American poet Theodore Roethke:

I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow.
I feel my fate in what I cannot fear.
I learn by going where I have to go.

And my question from the start of this post:
Who is death? What does she want from us?

Wishing you good cards xx

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