"the hanged man" Are you or are you not a sacrifice?

I just drew the Hanged Man for someone and went to Google some images for her and saw a Charlie Brown Hanged Man and he looked so damn unhappy but the message I was delivering to her was not an unhappy one but “don’t struggle against the ropes” which reminded of a line from poet Killarney Clary:

“As you struggle with the boat it drifts out and turns until I see only your back…”

I could not find this poem on-line but I found the book on my shelves. I used to have a habit of inscribing in pen or pencil where and when I bought a book, along with my name. Aliza Einhorn. Iowa city, Iowa. Fall 1994. I had had a class with her. She inscribed the book:  to Aliza, that what you hear feeds you.

So I pull the Hanged Man for the girl and I tell her it’s not a week for outcomes or results or perfect hems but waiting yes and surrender and devotion and the card of the mystic and then I pull The Magician thus she can, she must, do this skillfully, as she waits without struggling against the ropes.

“I don’t try to imagine that I hear you or that you had anything to do with what I see…”

Obscure. I didn’t read a full review of this book but as I was searching for the poem on-line that word caught my eye in reference to her work: obscure poems. I don’t know what that means exactly or inexactly. And maybe the Hanged Man is similarly obscure. We don’t know. We wait.

What we DO know, in the words of Vickie Noble, who created the Motherpeace Tarot deck: voluntary surrender to a death and resurrection process.

I haven’t been outside yet today. I assume it’s cold but I don’t know how cold. The sun is shining though the clouds through the windows of the Big City. I will also take the Hanged Man’s wisdom for myself today and this week. Not rush but go slow. The process goes on whether or not we notice but better if we “see what happens” (writes Noble).

Peace after some difficult time (writes Rachel Pollack) is another interpretation of this card.

So which is it? Are you suspended because you are grieving and waiting? Or are you done grieving, but still waiting?

I don’t know.  And that’s also the Hanged Man. We are uncertain, unsure but secure. Noisy Monday says shhh quiet now quiet now. Okay, Hanged Man. I surrender.

Wishing you good cards xx

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