"king of cups"
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Mourn if you must, mourn. But don’t get it on me, says the King of Cups. I’ve got a job to do. I’m busy. Can’t you see? I am busy curtailing and corralling the emotional life of MY Kingdom and MY Cup is bigger than yours. My capacity to hold and withhold is bigger than yours.  It is gold, it is MINE. I am in charge of your cloud ships and your dolphins and your blue and your blue green, all of it. Oceania. I am looking at you.

Sometimes when I see the King, ANY King, I feel I’m not in charge and I’m being charged with the task of becoming more kingly, whether or not I unseat him, and that’s how I’m feeling this evening. That I’m up against this King and I need to get my power back and rule over me (rather than the King ruling over me) which is something that’s been on my mind anyway. It could be another person. It could be our unconscious motivation. But think about it this way, that when you see a King, you need to be a King.
King of Cups = your emotions do not rule you. You rule them. GET A GRIP.

One of my Tarot books describes this King as sincere, compassionate, helpful, wise, all that good Cups stuff, good Water sign stuff, but we also must remember that Kings DO and Kings ACT. You may be called on to emulate this King or you may be sitting next to him.

And yet I can’t escape the darker meanings of this card that I’ve come to know: a Water King who cannot let his water flow because he has to rule and truth is, when I see this King in readings, the darker meaning is often accurate. His feelings truly are deep BUT… Kings aren’t supposed to cry. Not for our eyes anyway.

Truth is you have to do readings for people over and over and over, for other people not just you and your multiple personalities but friends and family and strangers and start telling them things that you’d have no way to know but you know anyway. And then you’ll really see what this King means for you and what all the other Kings mean for you and you’ll feel less alone because you’ll be tuning in to the collective, the Akashic Record, and that’s just, in my humble opinion, a worthy pursuit.

See, the answers ARE out there. And all us psychics, readers, intuitives, we are always trying to get them. We all want to be right.

Now I know Tarot isn’t JUST a predictive tool but who doesn’t like a little fortune telling with their soul searching? I know I do.

Wishing you good cards xx

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