When someone cuts you off in traffic, you:


You run into someone from high school who wasn't very nice to you.


You and a friend make weekend plans. The friend cancels at the last minute.


Two people cut in front of you at an ice cream shop. Later, you notice police about to ticket their car for a meter violation.


A friendly neighbor hits your pet with his car. The pet will be OK, but is in pain for several weeks.


A basically decent person who seriously wronged you at a previous job has an interview at your new company. The boss asks your opinion.

Your result is:
Out for Revenge

Though a thirst for justice can be admirable, your insistence on an 'eye for an eye' may be poisoning your relationships with others. Next time you have a chance to retaliate, let it pass.

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Your result is:
Balanced Forgiver

You're a basically kind person with a sense of balance and boundaries. However, you're no Mother Theresa.

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Your result is:
Very Merciful

Some people would call you a sucker, and some religions would call you a 'Holy Fool.' You're so merciful you may surprise others.

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