Do you pray or meditate with your loved one?


How do you reflect on the way the two of you met?


When you and your partner have a conflict, you:


Marriage is:


If your partner wanted to spend a year in Katmandu for spiritual reasons, would you:


Do you worship together?


Is sexual intimacy in your relationship:


When you and your beloved sit down for a meal together, do you:

Your result is:


Spirituality isn't infused into your concept of intimacy.  Your relationship is pragmatic--you prefer not to think of it as beyond your control.  You might consider trying to think about your marriage in more spiritual terms, especially in times of crisis or conflict.  To find out how, click here.
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Your result is:

Spiritually Informed

You consider yourselves spiritually connected, but you're not entirely devoted to the idea of a spiritual approach to a committed relationship.  Or one of you is more spiritual than the other.  Be open to moving to a deeper level; your relationship can only benefit. 
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Your result is:

Deeply Spiritual

Spirituality is part of every aspect of your relationship, from the most mundane to the most intimate.  You feel cosmically connected to one another and see your connection as right with the universe.  Amen!
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