The Ten Plagues of Egypt. When Egypt’s Pharaoh refused to liberate his pyramid-building slaves, the ancient Children of Israel, Almighty God sent a series of disasters upon the land, including turning the Nile into blood, locusts, frogs and flies. Which of these was also described as part of the miracle?


Jesus Walks on Water. Jesus seems to be demonstrating to His disciples that they can do anything if they will only have faith. Which of these events was part of this miracle?


The Prophet Balaam and his Talking Donkey. Balaam may be the most inept man of God in the entire Scriptures. He tries to curse the Israelites three times, but each time God changes his epithets to blessings. Then he is rebuked by the second talking animal of the Bible (the first would be Satan masquerading as a snake in the Garden of Eden). Which of the following did not happen?


Crossing of the Red Sea. After the terrible Ten Plagues of Egypt, Pharaoh releases the Children of Israel from years of slavery and allows them to leave for their Promised Land. Then he changes his mind, but God rescues His people. Which of these events did not happen, according to the Bible?


Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand. This story is told in all four Gospels, so it must have made quite an impact at the time. In all four versions, at least 5,000 men, not counting women and children, follow Him into the countryside without giving any thought about what they will eat or drink. He performs a miracle and everyone is fed. At another occasion He does it again, feeding another several thousand men as well as the women and children. What did not happen in either of these events?


Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead. Actually, there are numerous cases of the dead being restored to life. However, this one is noteworthy since the wake is already underway. Jesus’ friend Lazarus has been dead several days and the mourners are quite loud. When Jesus arrives at the scene, He breaks down and weeps. Then, He raises Lazarus back to life. What is not described in biblical accounts of this miracle?


Joshua defeats the Amorites. Back several thousand years before Jesus, the Children of Israel do battle with a feared enemy in Gibeon, somewhere north of Jerusalem. They are ill-equipped to take on such a fearsome foe, but they miraculously win the battle with God’s help. What detail is not described in the Bible?


God takes Elijah into heaven. This story is the inspiration of the classic spiritual song “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot,” in which God takes the Prophet Elijah straight into heaven without the pain of death. What detail is not described in the biblical account?


Jesus is raised from the dead. For three days, over the traditional Passover holiday, He is dead to the world. On the Sunday morning afterwards, He steps forth from the tomb, the only person in the Bible who revives himself. Which event is not described in the Bible?


The world is created. The Bible’s account seems to conform amazingly with the still-developing scientific theory of the Big Bang. In an instant, the entire universe comes into being, expanding faster than the laws of physics allow. Scientists say it all happened in a micro-second from a “singularity,” bursting forth faster than the speed of light. Believers say God waved His Almighty hand and everything instantly came into being. Which of the following details does the Bible not describe?

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