Macys Day Parade

What year did the first Macy's Parade take place?

On November 27, 1924, the first Macy's Christmas Parade stepped off from Convent Avenue and 145th Street in New York City. Four hundred employees accompanied by scores of animals, from camels to elephants, with bands, balloons, and floats in tow, took to

Which cartoon became the parade's first three-character balloon?

In 1996, Rugrats became the parade's first three-character balloon.

What year did the parade debut their signature giant helium balloons in the parade instead of live animals?

Starting with the 1927 parade, the live animals were out. But they were replaced by inflatable critters. This was the year that the parade's signature giant helium balloons made their debut with Felix the Cat leading the way. He was joined by a flying dra

True or False? Organizers intentionally released the balloons into the sky after the parade.

If Snoopy or another one of the parade's giant helium balloons float away today, something must have gone wrong. But in the past, organizers would intentionally release the enormous inflatable characters into the sky after the parade instead of deflating

Who is always in the finale of the parade every year?

Santa Clause has been the finale of the parade every year except for 1933. That year, he led the parade.

Which film was has a scene filmed at the Macy's Day Parade

The parade scenes in the 1947 holiday classic, "Miracle on 34th Street," are actual shots of the 1946 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. After careful preparation, the film's producers set up cameras along the parade route - mindful of the fact that they wou

How many Snoopy balloons are in the parade's history?

There's "Flying Ace Snoopy," "Astronaut Snoopy" and even "Millennium Snoopy." Since 1968, there have been seven different Snoopy balloons in the parade's history, the most for any one character. That makes Snoopy the top dog.
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