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Which of the names listed is not one of the 12 disciples?

Luke isn’t one of the 12 disciples but one of the four authors of the Gospels of Jesus Christ.
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Before becoming a disciple of Jesus, Andrew was the disciple of what person?

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A skeptic is often referred to as a “doubting Thomas.” How did Thomas earn this unfortunate nickname?

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Which disciple is known as the one whom “Jesus Loved” because of his beloved friendship with Jesus?

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Which of the 12 disciples wrote the most New Testament books?

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Which of the 12 disciples is known as the Betrayer of Jesus?

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What do Thaddeus, Judas the brother of James and Labbaeus all have in common?

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Which disciple is often considered by the Roman Catholic Church as the first pope?

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Out of the 12 disciples, who was the first to die?

James was killed by King Herod in A.D. 44.
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Which of the answers listed below was NOT an occupation of any of the twelve disciples?

Of the 12 disciples, four were fisherman, one was a publican (tax collector) and one a zealot. The occupations of the others are unknown.
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Which of the two families were partners in the fishing business?

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