What is Jesus' mother's real name?

English translations unfortunately misrepresent her name. The Aramaic is clear, and her name was Miriam or more technically Miryam, named after the Old Testament prophetess. In fact all the Marys in the Gospels were Miriams.

What is Jesus' oldest brother's name?

James is the Anglicized version of the name Jacob. All the James in the New Testament are in fact Jacobs.

In the Jesus saying 'I say to you today, you will be with me in Paradise' where is Paradise?

Jesus likely uses the term like other early Jews to refer to the top level of heaven (see 2 Corinthians 12:2).

In the book of Revelation, who is called the Alpha and Omega?

Both Jesus and God the Father are called Alpha and Omega twice in Revelation.

What is the longest canonical Gospel?

The longest by actual word count is Luke.

Where did Saul/Paul grow up?

According to the accounts in Acts 22-26 while Paul was born in Tarsus, he in fact grew up and got his education in Jerusalem.

How many times did Jesus cleanse the temple in Jerusalem?

Jesus cleansed the temple only once, according to all four Gospels which only have one account each of the same event. The placement of the story in John 2, is theologically not chronologically.

What did Jesus admit he did not know during his ministry?

Jesus says in Mark 13:32 that even he did not know when he would return.

What are the two longest passages about Jesus that are textually dubious and probably were not in the original Greek manuscripts of the Gospels?

The textual evidence is clear that these stories were added later to the original manuscripts of these two Gospels.

Which was the most popular and most copied Gospel in the second century A.D.?

Matthew was clearly the Gospel of choice in early church history, and the one most copied, which is also why it was normally placed first in the list of New Testament books.

Where do we find a shorter version of the Sermon on the Mount (Mattew 5-7)?

Though many Bible readers are unaware of this, Luke 6 and several other chapters in Luke contain the material we find grouped together in Matthew 5-7.

Who gives the longest speech in the Acts of the Apostles?

Stephen gives the longest speech in all of Acts (see Acts 7).

What New Testament book had the hardest time getting into the New Testament canon?

While all these books were disputed books by some church fathers, the book that produced the most debate was clearly the last book in the canon: Revelation. In fact it was still being debated at the Reformation. Luther was not sure it belonged in the canon and Calvin said he didn't understand it.

Who is called the Ruler/Prince of this World in the New Testament?

Jesus calls Satan the ruler/prince of this world in John 12:31 and 16:11.

How long was Jesus in the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea?

Jesus was buried on Friday afternoon and rose early Sunday morning. He was in the grave for one full day and parts of two other days probably not equaling 48 hours. The phrase 'after three days' was a colloquialism which simply meant 'after a short while' while the phrase 'on the third day' was more precise.
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