Envy isn't just wanting what you don't have; it's hating, even just a little bit, those who do. Envy even makes you feel better when you're better than someone else. Take a quiz to find out whether you harbor envy. Then send to a friend--but no comparing scores!


Your co-worker gets a promotion. You:


Private property is:


Your personal website is much cooler than your friends'. Do you:


Which represents best how you feel about rich people:


Whom do you envy most:


Your best friend gets engaged before you do. You:


There is a four-mile back up on the opposite side of the highway. You feel:


Your friend shows off his latest electronic gadget. You:

Your result is:
a person who's freedom from sin is enviable.
You must have had unbelievable parents. Good for you, but watch out! The sin of pride lurks just around the corner... 
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Your result is:
someone who knows what you need--is that a sin?
You have a tendency to want what others have, and if it's not ruining your life just yet, you may be in the danger zone.
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Your result is:
a person who would begrudge a dog its fur coat.
We don't want to say you're the world's most envious person, but if envy were a competition, you'd be the envy of everyone.
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