<p>Each year we celebrate April Fools' Day with hoaxes, practical jokes, and playful deception. While this holiday most likely does not date back to biblical times, pranks and trickery abound in the pages of scripture. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of biblical tricksters.</p>

Jacob and his mother, this woman, conspired to trick Jacob's father, Isaac, into giving his blessing to Jacob instead of to Jacob's (slightly older) twin brother, Esau.

See Genesis 27:1-40.

This couple tried to fool the apostles by dishonestly withholding from the church some of the money they had made from selling a piece of property.

See Acts 5:1-11.

Jezebel forged the name of her husband, King Ahab, on documents that would cheat this man out of his vineyard.

See 1 Kings 21:1-16.

When Abram and Sarai traveled to this land to escape a famine, they pretended to be brother and sister so that none of the men of this land would kill Abram and take his beautiful wife.

See Genesis 12:10-20.

Not learning their lesson, Abraham and Sarah again pretended to be brother and sister, fooling this ruler, who took Sarah as a wife.

See Genesis 20:1-18.

David had a chance to kill his rival, King Saul, when the king took a bathroom break in a cave where David and his men were hiding. But instead of killing Saul, David pulled this prank:

See 2 Samuel 24:1-7.

This magician, also known as Bar-Jesus (son of Jesus), tried to coax the proconsul in Cyprus into opposing Paul, Barnabas, and the Christian faith.

See Acts 13:4-12.

This villain, who had a vendetta against a Jewish man named Mordecai, tricked the Persian king Ahasuerus into issuing a decree calling for the elimination of the Jewish people.

See Esther 3:1-15.

This Jewish queen of Persia fooled Haman by inviting him to be an honored guest at her banquet, and then, during the feast, revealing his plot to destroy the Jewish people.

See Esther 5:1-8; 7:1-10.

The serpent in the garden fooled Eve into eating the fruit of what tree.

See Genesis 3:1-7.

This woman lured the Canaanite general Sisera into a false sense of security. Then, when he least expected it, she drove a tent peg into his temple.

See Judges 4:17-22.

While some people surely thought that he was joking, Jeremiah was totally serious when, during the Babylonian siege of Jerusalem, he did this:

See Jeremiah 32:1-15.

When this patriarch-turned-governor was reunited with the brothers who years earlier had left him for dead, his brothers did not recognize him. So he decided to have some fun with them.

See Genesis 42:1-25.

With his brothers still unaware of his identity, Joseph planted this object in their bags as a ruse so that he could frame his youngest brother Benjamin for stealing it.

See Genesis 44:1-17.

When the wise men tricked this king by neglecting to tell him the location of the Christ child, the king became angry and ordered the destruction of all infants in and around Bethlehem.

See Matthew 3:16-18.

This disciple thought that his peers were pulling his leg when they told him about Jesus' resurrection.

See John 20:24-29.

Jacob, himself a notorious trickster, fell in love with a woman named Rachel and agreed to serve her father, Laban, for seven years in exchange for Rachel's hand in marriage. But after seven years, Laban got crafty and gave this other daughter to Jacob in marriage.

See Genesis 29:15-30.

When Laban agreed to give Jacob all of the striped and speckled goats from his flock, Jacob devised this trick so that he could get a larger share of Laban's flock.

See Genesis 30:25-43.

This prostitute pulled a fast one on the king of Jericho by hiding two Israelite spies on her roof, then telling the king that the spies already had left town.

See Joshua 2:1-7.

If Jesus hadn't just worked one of his most impressive miracles, telling this man that his daughter was not dead but sleeping would have been a cruel April Fools' joke.

See Mark 5:21-24, 35-43.
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