This enchanting couple is known mostly for the way they expressed their love through poetry and song. One of the most memorable lines they exchanged, “For love is as strong as death":

Although Solomon later became the husband of many wives, he demonstrates the characteristics of a young man very much in love and enchanted with this young woman.

Sometimes love can be deadly and dangerous. This couple knew that all too well. Even though he was the strongest man in the world she brought him down to his knees:

Though this disobedient relationship cost him his sight and strength, the Lord was gracious to him in the end giving him a tremendous victory over the Phillistines.

A couple, who were also half brother and sister, blessed by the Lord with graceful age. God in His graciousness blessed them also with child:

God blessed this couple and changed their name to signify the new life they would have together in Him.

The apostle Paul was very grateful to this couple for their willingness to serve and advance God’s Kingdom in the New Testament:

This was one of the first missionary couples of the first century.

A tragic death was their fate, like Romeo and Juliet, this couple died the same day and in the same way:

Dishonesty and greed brought death on this couple. A hard lesson learned by the early church.

Another couple blessed with child in their old age, but the husband could not speak a word of it until after the baby was born:

Because of his doubt and unbelief, the Lord silenced Zechariah until His blessing came to pass. Luke 1:5-25

Though this wife lost her way many times over, the Lord made it so her husband’s loyal heart would not depart from her:

The Lord's unfailing love is revealed in this relentless relationship.

A widow meets a warrior for the Lord. It is her beauty of heart that draws him to her in kindness:

Though she had pagan beginnings, Ruth followed the Lord and He blessed her and generations after her.

A wise wife is from the Lord. When this women finds her house facing calamity and destruction she captures her future husband through the art of persuasion:

House and wealth are inherited from fathers, but a prudent wife is from the LORD. - Proverbs 19:14

A brother’s death causes scandal to hit their home when this royal couple marries despite wise convention:

It was because of this relationship that John the Baptist was imprisoned and later beheaded.
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