I'm an optimistic person.


On most days, I feel happy.


People often disappoint me.


I usually sleep well.


I must admit I'm a worrier.


I like to think about the future.


I tend to hold grudges too long.


I wish I could undo a lot of things in my life.


I have confidence in my abilities.


I get stressed easily.

Your result is:
You're Low on Inner Well-Being
You often feel stressed. Enjoying the moment is hard, as you frequently worry about the future and rehash the past. More than others, you tend to be alert to things that can go wrong in life. It's an outlook that's sometime justified, but also prevents people and events from giving you that joyful uplift.
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Your result is:
You're Moderate on Inner Well-Being
You're relaxed and confident at times, and anxious at others. Contentment and even joyful peak-experiences do come your way, but certainly not all the time. Like the past you've experienced, the future for you seems balanced with both worrisome and hopeful possibilities.
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Your result is:
You're High on Inner Well-Being
You see the sunny side of most situations, for you're joyful within. What others may experience as the sharp edges of life, you feel as smooth. Low on worrying, you're content in what you do and take it all in stride. For you, romantic intimacy with your partner means spreading the sunshine that's natural to your days. You're optimism in action.
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