Optimism is key to bouncing back from adversity and preventing depression. It's even good for fighting off colds and heart attacks. Take the quiz to find out your optimism quotient, and then learn how simple changes in your thinking patterns can help you become more positive.

Please answer all questions before moving forward.


Your company lays off 10 percent of its work force, including you. Your first reaction to the news:


You're invited to a friend's annual party, which you usually enjoy. But you don't know anyone else going. Do you go?


Bad traffic on the highway is going to make you late for work. You think:


You're trying a new low-carb diet to get ready for the summer, but you just can't lose those last five pounds. It's because:


At lunch a waiter spills red wine on your brand new white shirt. Your immediate hope is that:


You've been anticipating the release of a new movie; on the day you plan to go, the movie gets a bad review. Do you go see it?


In a presidential election year, none of the candidates appeal to you. This must be because:


Your kid fails a math exam in school. Your reaction:


You take a chance on a new stock and lose a lot of money in the market. You think:

Your result is:

Your outlook on life isn't too cheery. Not only do you tend to make the worst of most situations, you also seem to think that mistakes and unfortunate occurrences usually have long-term bad consequences.

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Your result is:
Scattered Showers

Your view of life is relatively balanced, but you lean more toward pessimism than optimism. Look on the bright side, though--you think negatively about the short-term but that doesn't seem to affect your view of life in general.

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Your result is:
Sunshine with Patchy Fog

Everything's coming up roses--most of the time. Your outlook is optimistic, but you tend to think more positively in the short term rather than in the long run.  You see the good side of the present moment but don't necessarily incorporate that into your overall attitude.

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Your result is:
Bright Sunshine
Life is great and it will continue that way! Not only do you tend to find the silver lining in every cloud, you also believe that silver lining will stick around for the long term.
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