Are you running yourself ragged, doing too much for too many and forgetting yourself in the process? Does your schedule include everyone but you? Do you ever take a time-out just for yourself? Are you finding that busy is not really better? Take this time-out quiz to find out if you need to put yourself back on the priority list.

Christine Louise Hohlbaum is author of several books, including The Power of Slow: 101 Ways to Save Time in Our 24/7 World. For more slow tips visit: http://PowerofSlow.wordpress.com.


You feel short on time:


Your schedule is so tight if just one thing goes wrong in the morning, your whole day is ruined:


When you spend time by yourself, you feel:


You unexpectedly find $20 in your pocket. You:


If you had a choice between taking a long bath at the end of a tiring week or volunteering at your child’s school (again), you would:


If I am not busy, I think:


When your partner asks you to rearrange your schedule to accommodate his or her needs, you:


You are about to step out the door when the phone rings. It’s your neighbor who asks if you could help her carry some things down from the attic. You:


You have a sudden opening in your calendar. You:


Your boss gives you an unexpected assignment for the weekend, which means you will miss that party you’ve been excited about for months. You:


When asked to volunteer, you:


When you think about the time you have, you:


Enough sleep is:


After work, you:


You engage in a self-care ritual such as meditating, exercising, or being alone with your thoughts:


If you had a choice between a getaway weekend with your partner or a trip to the zoo with your kids, you would:


You have finally carved out thirty minutes to yourself. During that time, your phone rings. You:

Your result is:
in Need of New Priorities

You might need to set some new priorities to achieve the balance you crave. Make sure you find time for yourself to sustain the other activities in your life. Being busy is great when it fulfills your ultimate purpose, but remember: It’s also a four-letter word!

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Your result is:
a Priority in Your Own Life

Congratulations! You know how to take time out and recharge. You make yourself a priority, setting boundaries where necessary. You are a role model for those who struggle with their relationship with time. Great job!

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Your result is:
on the Edge of Overwhelm

You are skirting on the edge of overwhelm but it's not too late to bring balance into your life. Rearrange some of the items on your calendar to give yourself some breathing room. Bring in some ‘prairie’ where there are currently ‘city streets’.

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