I pray:


I tend to pray:


If I go without praying for a few days, I feel:


After praying, I tend to feel:


I usually pray to:


I pray most often:


I prefer to pray:


To me, prayer is:


When I pray, I:


I like to combine praying with:


I'd like to improve my prayer life by:


One word to describe my prayer life is:

Your result is:
Prayer Prodigal
Maybe you prayed more once upon a time, but it's time to renew your prayer life. Try our Prayer of the Day. Find a pastor, priest, or good friend to help you, and start experimenting with prayer. You'll be glad you did!
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Your result is:
Part-Time Pray-er
You pray when the mood strikes. Usually, because you have needs to be met. To make prayer a more integral part of your life, try giving yourself reminders and praying during other tasks (driving, folding laundry). See our gallery of Ten Quick Ways to Pray. And remember that prayer is more than just asking for things: it's being thankful, meditating, and even "listening."
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Your result is:
Prayer Pragmatist
You pray more than part-time, and your prayer life may be quite active. But your prayers are goal-oriented. Try seeing prayer as more relational. Sit in quiet. Read some scripture or a thoughtful book and meditate on it. Rest in prayer. A great place to start is Ten New Testament Scriptures on Prayer.
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Potent Pray-er
You have an active, regular, varied prayer life. Congratulations! Now, look for ways you might help others become more potent in their prayer lives. Check out 10 Ways to Pray on Beliefnet and share your prayer prowess with other Beliefnet readers.
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