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True or False: Adam Sandler and Chris Farley left on their own terms to pursue acting careers in major motion pitctures.

Both Sandler and Farley were fired from SNL.

The audiences voted which actor as one of the worst guest hosts to work with?

The writers also thought Segall was a terror and had a hard time writing skits because he was so uncooperative.

Who is the only cast member to ever host the show while they were a cast member?

Murphy had to fill in for the scheduled host Nick Nolte because he drank too much the night before.

Which cast member was born after the premiere of SNL?

Thompson beat out his former colleague Kel Mitchell, from Kenan and Kel, for the spot on SNL.

Who is the longest serving cast member?

Hammond was on the show for 14 seasons.

Who was the highest paid cast member?

Ferrell reportedly made $350,000 per episode in 2001. During the audition process, Ferrell beat out the talented Steve Carell.

Who has hosted the show the most?

Baldwin has hosted SNL 16 times.

Which invention was loosely inspired by a SNL parody?

In 1975, SNL made a parody commercial about a three bladed razor. 23 years later the Gillette Mach 3 debuted.
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