Your local pastor has started tweeting occasionally during the services. He says it's an evangelism effort. You:


A new church opened in your town that features a live band, big video screens and has an arena-type feel. You:


The youth group will lead one of the 11 am. Sunday services this month. You:


Liturgical dancers will offer a special performance during the Easter service this year. You are:


At the breakfast welcoming new members, you notice several women are wearing skirts that hit mid-thigh, and someone else is wearing jeans. You:


A prominent member of the congregation plans a fancy wedding, with a sit down dinner and an open bar in the reception hall next door to the church. You:


One Sunday, you notice the minister is wearing sneakers with his dark robes. You think:


The new associate pastor has started an alternative afternoon service that features African drumming, chanting and meditation. You:


The 20-something group at your church is having regular movie nights at someone's home, where they sometimes show R-rated movies. You think:


The church youth group is sponsoring a Palm Sunday pancake breakfast to raise money for a mission trip. You:


A visiting preacher does not preach from the Bible, but instead shares a long personal reflection based on a novel he read recently. You think:


Instead of wearing robes and sitting in the choir loft, the choir is now holding microphones in a line behind the song leader -- some of them raising their hands, others playing guitars and tambourines! And a saxophone! You:


A group of low-income kids are brought to the Sunday service by the new bus ministry. They squirm and whisper on the front row, jump up and down enthusiastically during the praise choruses and one wanders down the aisle during a prayer. You:

Your result is:
You're not a fuddy duddy.
You're interested in alternative forms of worship. You enjoy new things. You just chuckle when services get a bit out of hand.
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Your result is:
You might be a little bit of a fuddy duddy, but you're working to overcome it!

Sure, you try to be open to new things ... but there is something so comforting and familiar about the traditional way of doing things!

So, sometimes, your inner fuddy duddy just has to say something.

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Your result is:
Well, sometimes, you kinda ... yeah, act like a fuddy duddy!

All this new stuff is annoying at times.

Yes, there must be standards. Black is black and white is white.

But you realize that sometimes a little gray isn't wrong. It's just unsettling.

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Your result is:
You are a fuddy duddy!

You're not hiding your opinions. You're ready to tell anyone who'll listen. 

During the Christmas season, you're the one who swipes the Baby Jesus out of the manger scene in the vestibule because THE BABY HASN'T BEEN BORN YET! And can we talk about the Wisemen? They need to be distant! Like in the Fellowship Hall!

You're also irritated because Mrs. Jones parks in the handicapped spot ... and everybody knows she got the permit just because her son is a doctor.

And for goodness sakes, can somebody please tell the teenage girls that it is never appropriate to fix their make-up during the sermon?!? Or text the boys!?!?!

While you might benefit from being just a bit more flexible, you're an important member of the congregation. You love the Lord and you just want things to be done RIGHT.

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