Every two years, a massive flame burns for two weeks and hundreds of hopeful athletes gather beneath it. The best of the best compete to cement their names in history and take honor and glory back to their home country. When the Olympics take place, the entire world seems to stop. Every Olympics, some athletes cave under the pressure while others shine. Athleticism and endurance is always on display, but some athletes also show off their faith. Some Olympians are more open about it than others, but there are many who hold fast to their faith even as they fight for the culmination of years of hard work. With billions of eyes watching their every move, religious athletes have a chance to share their faith through both word and actions, and some leap enthusiastically at the chance to share their beliefs. What do you remember about religion at the Games? Can you name these religious Olympians? 

This Muslim woman was first USA Olympian to compete in a hijab.


This track athlete makes the sign of the cross before each competition and wears a miraculous medal.


This American swimmer was quoted as saying “All I can say is glory to God” immediately after tying for the gold medal in the 100-meter freestyle in the 2016 Rio Games.


This Japanese athlete trained for the canoe slalom in the afternoons after his morning duties as a Buddhist priest in Zenkoji Temple.


This devout Mormon was injured in the 2006 Winter Olympics while she was training for her chance at a gold medal in Skeleton.


This Jewish figure skater is famous for his “Riverdance” routine and helped Team USA take home the bronze in 2014.

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