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the tower

(Photo source: Aliza Einhorn.)

What the hell, Tarot?

Last two draws for this column: the Death card.

And today? The Tower. The Blasted Beech (Tarot of the Hidden Realm deck).

Will they make it? They are falling from a great height. Will they make it? The one with the fiery red hair reminds me of our friend from the Nine of Wands, the fire dancer. Is the blond one trying to catch him/her? Or just falling, free-falling. Is this your life? Or, to quote Richard Hugo: isn’t this your life?


That’s what I “hear” when I hear this card, BUT…

But what’s scary is the unknown and the changes coming — not necessarily because the changes are bad. Quite the opposite, little dove.

And this too: how will know how to land if you never leave the nest? How will you know HOW you land?

I drew again because I can’t help it. King of Wands. King of Fire.

So let me ask again:

will you make it? Is this your life? Are you falling from a great height? Do you know how to land?

You are strong.
You can do this.

Wishing you good cards xx

"full moon in scorpio"

(photo source: wikipedia)

Well isn’t this interesting.

Shuffling to draw a card for my blog post today and I get the Death card. I drew this card the last time I was here.

Who is death? What does she want from us? 

I decide to go a different route today – I decide to look in my herbals, in my magick books for herbs associated with death…

Yew for raising the dead…
Star Anise for contacting the dead…
Dandelion for summoning spirits…

Among others. There are lists upon lists of magickal lists of herbs for this purpose, that purpose.

I am, admittedly, no necromantic expert (hmm are you sure about that, Aliza?) but am fascinated – and was told months ago by a trusted soul (and shamanic practitoner) that one of my spirit helpers comes from the “cosmic underworld”…

Suddenly my life made more sense. Know that feeling? Relief? Color instead of black and white. I always did find cemeteries comforting (to name just one manifestation). So much of life is a process of remembering what we already know.

So you saw the Death card. Now what? What if you aren’t really interested in contacting spirits and you’ve read that this card pertains to “change” and “transformation.”

Ride your fate and see where it takes you says Joan Bunning (Learning the Tarot).

I feel there is always sadness with this card. You want Nine Cups! Ten Pentacles! The Lovers. But you saw the Death card. Something is ending, changing, and you have no choice. And whether you can predict what comes next depends on the card that follows. This isn’t where you want to be but it’s where you are. I remember seeing this card over and over when a relationship was ending. I wanted to avoid this fate. I couldn’t avoid this fate. That’s what fate IS.

These words from American poet Theodore Roethke:

I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow.
I feel my fate in what I cannot fear.
I learn by going where I have to go.

And my question from the start of this post:
Who is death? What does she want from us?

Wishing you good cards xx

"full moon in scorpio"

(photo source: wikipedia)

The Death Card comes for us all, eventually.

From Angeles Arrien:

The principle of letting go and moving on. Cutting through the very bones, the core, in order to release the new in a rebirth.

From Rolla Nordic:

Liberation. Drastic alteration. Change of conditions. The physical body is constantly renewing itself. 

What a crazy day. I had plans. I had an appointment to make (watch my YouTube video here for more about today’s Astrology & Tarot Guidance) but my body won’t let me. Long story short, side effects from a medication throwing off my day and thus the rest of my week and last night I pulled the Death card for this day, which is also a void of course Moon in Gemini (difficulties with short trips, transportation) and then my aha moment arrived, just moments ago, what this death is truly referring to: not just the destabilized day or plan but a breakthrough and this breakthrough could be not only a good thing but the BEST thing.

Pay attention when you see the Death card. Of course of course yes I know you are always paying attention when you draw cards but it’s more than that — the Death card ALWAYS means the rebirth is coming. And it may be a very ugly baby but it’s yours, all yours.

Wishing you good cards xx

"eight of wands"

(photo by Aliza)

Which Tarot card is most you?

This was the discussion on Timeline today.
Also: which card is your favorite?

Six of Wands, Ten of Cups, the Star, Two of Cups, Chariot, the Wheel, Strength, Hermit, Queen of Swords, among others were named as favorite.

And then someone asked me which card was most me and I said the Eight of Wands and the Eight of Swords from Tarot of the Hidden Realm. It made me think, feel, how I usually do not “see” myself in the deck which then also turned into a discussion of a more ethnically diverse Tarot to reflect my diverse client-base.

Guidance & Prediction for you for this week is the Four of Wands.

Happy card, happy times. Good news. Pleasantly surprising news! Reaching out to your social networks (in person or on-line) is favored. Playing music and arts/crafts is favored. Even a minute of pleasure. Even a minute of joy. SOMETHING. Find it.

Other possibilities that I feel here:
-health regained
-career advancement/promotion
-job well done
-party in your honor
-delight, jubilance
-fun, excitement
-less dark, more light

Which card is your favorite? Which card is you? Are they the same? 

Wishing you good cards xx

"empress tarot card meaning"The New Moon is the dark time. What we know is hidden.

I wrote those words last night, before the New Moon. It’s Saturday afternoon as I type this and many of us have “set intentions,” as is our habit. We have stated our desire to the heavens and we hope to stake a claim.

Today I was going to take the day off, but a client called me spur of the moment (I make room when I can) so we talked and I found myself trying to convince her that SHE matters. That she exists. What I mean is… this prevalent notion that all of us who are single don’t quite exist now and that we are waiting to exist later, once we are partnered up.

I admit, during the time I was married I felt I had joined a special club — the “normal people.” Now divorced, I’m part of another special club of normal people 😉

My point being: please don’t wait to live. It takes a tremendous amount of energy, all that waiting and hoping. LIVE instead.

This gal I was talking to is an Aries, a mega mega Aries! And the New Moon was in Aries so I believe she can hit the ground running but of course free will exists and she gets to decide what matters and where to focus her finite infinite energy — not me.

I am going to draw a card for her now and I draw Empress. Passionate She of the Cushiony Throne and what always to me looks like a watermelon gown although I think they are pomegranates. All around her are fertile trees and streams and yellow bright sky. Mother of so so much.

See, you are Empress no matter what. No matter what man (or partner). That doesn’t change.

Wishing you good cards xx

"uranus square sun"

(photo source: wikipedia)

I have an oversize Tarot deck, a Rider Waite, and have decided to pull a card for myself each morning as part of my spiritual practice. I’ll be doing this for learning but also to get a heads-up about my day. This morning I drew the Queen of Cups.

She who is content in the water. She who is content to feel. She who feels. She feels and she knows. I looked on line for a Google image to post on my Facebook and found a gorgeous one from a deck that I do not have that appealed to me far more than the Rider Waite or any that I’ve seen so far. (The image here is from the Tarot de Marseille.)

Rather than the RW throne woman, this Queen of Cups is standing at the water’s edge, dipping a toe in, wearing robes, a cape, a hood, looks like some kind of ritual. We can see her throne behind her. I love that she’s gotten up. She’s holding her cup which looks full of the moon. I thought, at first, that she was holding a crystal ball.

So this Queen is up to something witchy. She’s active. She’s not just being. She has a moonlight job to do. Being is not enough when you see her.

Also on Facebook I’ve been talking about my Uranus transit which was most certainly evidenced by my repeat seeing of the Tower card recently (which I blogged about) and for once, perhaps, the Tower meant “thought forms falling” more than the Tower meant crisis. Tower as internal revolution and changing of the inner guard.

But about the Queen of Cups: is this the moment after the fall? You walk to the water to thank the Gods for assisting you during your confusion and dark day?

Now you don’t have to have a Uranus transit (“expect the unexpected”) to change your life or your outlook, but it sure does help. Uranus = the energy that is most hard to predict because Uranus seeks freedom for us. Like a gift. My teacher used to say: are you going to go kicking and screaming or…

So the Queen of Cups is at the shore line with her chalice and her words and we must assume the timing is perfect, that she has studied the correspondences and the ways of the ancestors for maximum magic which reminds me of Uranus actually — Uranus the Awakener, the Pioneer. Yes I know we don’t usually envision the Cups Queen this way but that’s the beauty of Tarot interpretation. We add our own. The card image speaks to us and the story begins to tell itself.

Wishing you good cards xx

"queen of swords" I remember my teacher telling us that the Queen of Swords represents “mourning.” A traditional interpretation. It stuck with me. And was often the case in client readings.

But time passes. And books are bought. And experience is gained. And decks magically appear in my hands 🙂 and these days I see her for more than mourning, grief, separation, barbed words.

I see her for wisdom (yes, wisdom gained through travail) and writing (Sword as pen to write, tongue for speech) and generally being on top. On top of her tasks. Effective. Neat. Clear. HONEST.

I brought the Tarot of the Hidden Realm to the cafe with me today and this Queen faces us, unlike the Rider Waite Queen who we see in profile. This Queen can bear to look. This Queen can bear to see. Don’t get me wrong. She’s not weak. She is powerful and super smart, maybe the smartest being in the entire deck but open she’s not (in the Rider Waite). Maybe because she’s too busy, pressed for time, or uninterested.

Purple is the color of mastery and power, including psychic power. Her sword is on her lap and she holds it gently. She’s not fighting anyone, not today. But if you look into her eyes you can see oh yes you can see, don’t even try to trick her. She is fully capable and happy to left up her weapon and give you what you deserve and more.

This is one of my obsessions actually — traditional Tarot decks with new images and thus new interpretations come down to us.

The following words are from an earlier Queen of Swords post of mine: 

How much pain can you bear comfortably? Hmm. Comfortably is a weird word here, isn’t it.
Apparently I can bear a fair amount of mental pain. Assimilate it. Integrate it. Learn from it. Teach from it.
I have a Moon Pluto conjunction in Virgo in my natal chart (in my First House). You astrology fans know what means!

And eventually there comes a time where you just sit there — you sit there — in shock at your… strength? Stupidity? Ability to bear.

I decided to look up “bear” on my MacBook Air dictionary and found some interesting stuff.
Dictionaries are full of poetry.

-the warriors bore lances tipped with iron
-have or display as a visible mark or feature
-she bore herself with DIGNITY
-to bear = to support
-to bear = to endure (she bore the pain stoically. I do not bear stoically. But I do bear.)
– a large heavy mammal

Do you see this Queen? 

Wishing you good cards xx

the tower

(photo source: pinterest)

So I did what I usually do these days, pull a few cards for my morning or for my day and today’s advice? THE TOWER.

Okay, Tarot. This is an interesting one. Tower as ADVICE? 

Anyone who knows me knows I loathe the Tower. Some say there are no bad cards in the deck but most of us do not delight at the site of Ten Swords, Ten Wands, Devil, Death, Tower. Like life, it’s not always roses and punch.

You know what I like about this? The control. Tower as “advice” is, well, advice. Suggestion. DO THIS. We recommend this. TRY THIS.

But but but but but it’s the Tower! Try jumping out the window? Try abandoning ship? Try breaking up?

I think the biggest problem with the Tower is the picture, no matter the deck. Not the meaning of the card, but the people falling out of structure. Even my kindler gentler decks show people getting thrown out of trees, as if that’s better.

Ah, Tarot, is that it? You want me to fall from a great height? I’m only on the third floor. I’m. Not. That. High. Up. (Or am I? Is that your point? No no no it’s something else.) What needs to change? And where did my eject button go?

I decide to draw again. Tell me more, Tarot. And Fool is here AHA. I know what this means now. I REALLY need to push the eject button. Tower is is the Fool underlined and emphasized AND IN ALL CAPS. The rut itself, the root, has become sick.

Now when we see Major cards we know these are larger cycles not really the mundane practical so I can draw again to look for that or I can just accept this as my current state and yet. It was an advice card. “Advice” IS mundane and practical usually. Otherwise we’d call it something else. Philosophy. So what happens when you get a BIG answer to a “how does my day look.”

1. You can bring the card down to earth
2. You can meet the card where it is

I also see this as a progression, a sequence. Do the Tower’s bidding and you wind up carefree, probably happier, hitting the road, doggy by your side and doing okay, new lease, new leash on life.

GET OUT whispers the Tower (as if the Tower ever whispers) but it may not be a place. It could be your thinking. Your way of doing things. Habits. As I wrote above, roots and ruts.  And yes it could be a foretelling, that Tower times are coming (even though I was not asking for “what is coming,” information tends to come through).

Let’s grab some key phrases:

-let go
-be quick about it
-no preparation
-dump your old routines
-embrace chaos and uncertainty, embrace change, embrace surprise, embrace the maze, embrace the shock

Tarot say: YOUR STRUCTURE SUCKS (to put it mildly). Now jump. 

Wishing you good cards xx

I had  revelation about this as I was posting the blog post to my Facebook page: this Tower isn’t about ME falling from the tree. It’s about me kicking out the various energy, entity, people, situations that do not belong WITH ME IN MY TOWER 🙂 

(photo by aliza)

(photo by aliza)

Hey little boy.
Hey Page of Wands.
The Tarot of the Hidden Realm fire-boy, fire-page literally is a little kid.

Pages in the different Tarot decks are “young.” We are taught this. Knights are also young, but not as young, teenage perhaps or a bit older. The energy of unstoppable. Even the Knight of Pentacles on his plodding horse. Queens and Kings are masterful, grown.

Card of joy and play, delight, laughter.
What is he looking at? Who is there? One thing is certain:

the Page of Wands is happy. I don’t even want to say he’s excited to be alive. He doesn’t put that much thought in. He’s in the moment.

Is this you? 

I decide to consult one of my “guidebooks” for a little extra insight.

“Uninhibited” says Mary K. Greer.
Messages and phone calls.

Opportunities for passion (says Joan Bunning). An opening may appear that dares you to be great. I like that.

Continuing to read Ms. Bunning (in her book Learning the Tarot) I start to feel that this is one of the great unappreciated cards of the deck. I mean, we all want to see Lovers and Star and Ten of Cups but Page of Wands? I don’t think much about the Page of Wands and yet now I know.

Now I know. That an opening may appear and that that is what this blessed little boy is seeing in the distance there.

He is seeing the future and he is smiling! Because he likes it.

Do you see the future? Is this how you feel? 

Wishing you good cards xx

"ten of wands" Get through the eclipse okay? Whew! It was an emotional one and I’m feeling better even though there may be aftershocks. Eclipses are never just one day, but word on the street is: less edge, less tense, out-breath.

Here’s a card for the coming hours, for picking up the pieces and okay Tarot lovers I am happy to see this card because it’s been under discussion in one of the chat rooms and you may wonder why I’m happy to see it well I am happy to see it because I like the New Palladini’s version of this card and I am way into revisioning the “darker” Tarot cards these days.

I see the TENS as a lot. A lot of something, whatever the suit is, Wands, Swords, Cups, Pentacles. And if I read this somewhere, I apologize, because I can’t recall but it came to me the other day.

Ten Wands is A LOT OF WANDS so immediately we have to talk about: what are Wands? 

And if we identify Wands with fire, then what is this element of fire and what happens when there’s an abundance of it? What then?

Now, the New Palladini deck is similar to the Rider Waite. We see the person and her/his famous Wandy bundle but to me, he/she looks peaceful. Maybe they aren’t heavy, just awkward. Bouquet of Wands.

The ten is the last, the ultimate of the suit. Finish line. Almost done, almost there. We can’t get anymore. We can’t have more money than Ten Pentacles. We can’t have more love than Ten Cups. We won’t hurt more than Ten Swords. With Ten Wands have so so so so so so many (insert pause here) dreams.

He’s cradling them, isn’t he? Treasuring. And I think here it’s not so much burden as labor of love. He’ll never let them go. He will carry them all the way.

You will carry them all the way.

Wishing you good cards xx