(photo by aliza)
(photo by aliza)

Hey little boy.
Hey Page of Wands.
The Tarot of the Hidden Realm fire-boy, fire-page literally is a little kid.

Pages in the different Tarot decks are “young.” We are taught this. Knights are also young, but not as young, teenage perhaps or a bit older. The energy of unstoppable. Even the Knight of Pentacles on his plodding horse. Queens and Kings are masterful, grown.

Card of joy and play, delight, laughter.
What is he looking at? Who is there? One thing is certain:

the Page of Wands is happy. I don’t even want to say he’s excited to be alive. He doesn’t put that much thought in. He’s in the moment.

Is this you? 

I decide to consult one of my “guidebooks” for a little extra insight.

“Uninhibited” says Mary K. Greer.
Messages and phone calls.

Opportunities for passion (says Joan Bunning). An opening may appear that dares you to be great. I like that.

Continuing to read Ms. Bunning (in her book Learning the Tarot) I start to feel that this is one of the great unappreciated cards of the deck. I mean, we all want to see Lovers and Star and Ten of Cups but Page of Wands? I don’t think much about the Page of Wands and yet now I know.

Now I know. That an opening may appear and that that is what this blessed little boy is seeing in the distance there.

He is seeing the future and he is smiling! Because he likes it.

Do you see the future? Is this how you feel? 

Wishing you good cards xx

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