the tower
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So I did what I usually do these days, pull a few cards for my morning or for my day and today’s advice? THE TOWER.

Okay, Tarot. This is an interesting one. Tower as ADVICE? 

Anyone who knows me knows I loathe the Tower. Some say there are no bad cards in the deck but most of us do not delight at the site of Ten Swords, Ten Wands, Devil, Death, Tower. Like life, it’s not always roses and punch.

You know what I like about this? The control. Tower as “advice” is, well, advice. Suggestion. DO THIS. We recommend this. TRY THIS.

But but but but but it’s the Tower! Try jumping out the window? Try abandoning ship? Try breaking up?

I think the biggest problem with the Tower is the picture, no matter the deck. Not the meaning of the card, but the people falling out of structure. Even my kindler gentler decks show people getting thrown out of trees, as if that’s better.

Ah, Tarot, is that it? You want me to fall from a great height? I’m only on the third floor. I’m. Not. That. High. Up. (Or am I? Is that your point? No no no it’s something else.) What needs to change? And where did my eject button go?

I decide to draw again. Tell me more, Tarot. And Fool is here AHA. I know what this means now. I REALLY need to push the eject button. Tower is is the Fool underlined and emphasized AND IN ALL CAPS. The rut itself, the root, has become sick.

Now when we see Major cards we know these are larger cycles not really the mundane practical so I can draw again to look for that or I can just accept this as my current state and yet. It was an advice card. “Advice” IS mundane and practical usually. Otherwise we’d call it something else. Philosophy. So what happens when you get a BIG answer to a “how does my day look.”

1. You can bring the card down to earth
2. You can meet the card where it is

I also see this as a progression, a sequence. Do the Tower’s bidding and you wind up carefree, probably happier, hitting the road, doggy by your side and doing okay, new lease, new leash on life.

GET OUT whispers the Tower (as if the Tower ever whispers) but it may not be a place. It could be your thinking. Your way of doing things. Habits. As I wrote above, roots and ruts.  And yes it could be a foretelling, that Tower times are coming (even though I was not asking for “what is coming,” information tends to come through).

Let’s grab some key phrases:

-let go
-be quick about it
-no preparation
-dump your old routines
-embrace chaos and uncertainty, embrace change, embrace surprise, embrace the maze, embrace the shock

Tarot say: YOUR STRUCTURE SUCKS (to put it mildly). Now jump. 

Wishing you good cards xx

I had  revelation about this as I was posting the blog post to my Facebook page: this Tower isn’t about ME falling from the tree. It’s about me kicking out the various energy, entity, people, situations that do not belong WITH ME IN MY TOWER 🙂 

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